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Are you looking for books providing more information about well test analyses or mine planning? Whatever area of mining you are learning about at college, if your course is related to technology and engineering, you'll be able to find a wide selection of pre-owned books here to invest in. Buy cheap mining textbooks now and learn about surface subsidence engineering as well as open pit mines and how they are planned and designed. Every area of this discipline is covered, so you will always know exactly what to expect. From minerals and metals to case histories in the mining industry, it is simple to rent used mining text books to further your knowledge in this area. Our buyback service also means you can make money from your old books once you are finished with them. Make them available to other students instead of keeping them, and you'll see why we're such a popular website.

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Twelve Years in the Mines of California : Embracing a General View of the Gold Region, with ... by Patterson, Lawson B. ISBN: 9780608407449 List Price: $33.80
Reports of Wm. A. Burt and Bela Hubbard, Esqs. , on the Geography, Topography and Geology of... by Houghton, Jacob, Bristol, T... ISBN: 9780608417899 List Price: $38.20
Mines of Colorado by Hollister, Ovando James ISBN: 9780608418322 List Price: $141.70
Notes on the Use of Anthracite in the Manufacture of Iron. with Some Remarks on Its Evaporat... by Johnson, Walter Rogers ISBN: 9780608416793 List Price: $50.30
Peat and Its Uses, As Fertilizer and Fuel by Johnson, Samuel W. ISBN: 9780608416755 List Price: $52.10
Assayer's Guide : Or, Practical Directions to Assayers, Miners and Smelters, for the Test an... by Lieber, Oscar Montgomery ISBN: 9780608413839 List Price: $101.10
Treatise on Steel : Comprising Its Theory, Metallurgy, Properties, Practical Working and Use by Landrin, H. C., Fesquet, A. A. ISBN: 9780608414706 List Price: $114.10
American Copper Mines by Latrobe, Benjamin Henry ISBN: 9780608414911 List Price: $30.00
History and Review of the Copper, Iron, Silver, Slate and Other Material Interests of the So... by Swineford, Alfred P. ISBN: 9780608398709 List Price: $98.00
Swineford's History of the Lake Superior Iron District, Its Mines and Furnaces by Swineford, Alfred P. ISBN: 9780608398716 List Price: $30.40
Statistics of Coal. the Geographical and Geological Distribution of Mineral Combustibles or ... by Taylor, Richard Cowling ISBN: 9780608398204 List Price: $200.00
Metallic Wealth of the United States, Described and Compared with That of Other Countries by Whitney, Josiah Dwight ISBN: 9780608395203 List Price: $161.90
Coal, Its Formation and Composition : By Wilfrid Francis. -- 2nd Ed. -- by Francis, Wilfrid ISBN: 9780608391557 List Price: $200.00
Voyage Metallurgique en Angleterre, Ou Recueil de Memoires Sur le Gisement, l'Exploitation e... by Dufrenoy, Ours Pierre Arman... ISBN: 9780608380520 List Price: $30.00
Voyage Metallurgique en Angleterre, Ou Recueil de Memoires Sur le Gisement, l'Exploitation e... by Dufrenoy, Ours Pierre Arman... ISBN: 9780608380513 List Price: $200.00
Voyage Metallurgique en Angleterre, Ou Recueil de Memoires Sur le Gisement, l'Exploitation e... by Dufrenoy, Ours Pierre Arman... ISBN: 9780608380506 List Price: $192.20
Grundlicher Unterricht Von Den Metallen, Darinnen Beschrieben Wird, Wie Sie Werden in der Er... by Barba, Alvaro Alonso ISBN: 9780608435602 List Price: $67.00
Practical Treatise on the Gases Met with in Coal Mines by Atkinson, John J. ISBN: 9780608434926 List Price: $30.00
Gold-Seeker's Manual : Being a Practical and Instructive Guide to All Persons Emigrating to ... by Ansted, David Thomas ISBN: 9780608434643 List Price: $30.00
Zoom in on Mining Robots by Latta, Sara L. ISBN: 9780766094420
Zoom in on Mining Robots by Latta, Sara L. ISBN: 9780766092303
Mineral Property Evaluation : Handbook for Feasibility Studies and Due Diligence by Bullock, Richard Lee, Merni... ISBN: 9780873354455
Indian Ocean Resources and Technology by Roonwal, Ganpat Singh ISBN: 9781138095342
Oil and Gas in the Arctic by Centore, Michael ISBN: 9781422238691 List Price: $23.95
Potash : A Vital Agricultural Nutrient Sourced from Geologic Deposits by Yager, Douglas B., Geologic... ISBN: 9781411341012
Bulk Metallic Glasses by Suryanarayana, C., Inoue, A... ISBN: 9781498763677
Drilling and Reservoir Appraisal by Allain, Olivier, Dyson, M. ... ISBN: 9781786343956
Heavy Oil Exploitation by Jamaluddin, Abul, Law, Davi... ISBN: 9781593703882
Discovery of Subterraneal Treasure by Plattes, Gabriel ISBN: 9780686975632 List Price: $44.00
Roughneck Training Handbook by Baker, Ron ISBN: 9780886982744
Percolation Theory in Reservoir Engineering by King, P. R., Masihi, Mohsen ISBN: 9781786345233
Hydrometallurgy : Applications, Technology and Research by Cabrera, Rodrigo ISBN: 9781536124170
Introduction to Well Logs and Subsurface Maps by Evenick, Jonathan ISBN: 9781593704605
History of Metals in America by Simcoe, Charles R., Richard... ISBN: 9781627081450
100 Years of E04 Development of Metallographic Standards by Vander Voort, George F. ISBN: 9780803176591
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