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Would you like to choose from more than three hundred titles on the subject of industrial design? This part of our website is dedicated to your chance to buy cheap general textbooks on this very topic. You'll be pleased and surprised at the range of titles available here, especially since we give you the chance to buy or rent general industrial design textbooks online from us. For example, you can get Engineering Drawing and Design; Steel Design; Engineering Design: A Project Based Introduction, and Introduction to Optimum Design to name a few. We have many other titles as well, all offering discounted deals and the cheapest prices you will see anywhere. You can also sell your general industrial design books back - just look for the 'sell it back' feature next to many of the books listed. You'll see prices listed here so you can see how much you could make from these titles.

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Top Space and Art IV by Aihong, Li, Xiaojuan, Ding ISBN: 9789886824313
Doing Research in Design by Crouch, Christopher, Pearce... ISBN: 9781847885807
Doing Research in Design by Crouch, Christopher, Pearce... ISBN: 9781847885791
Situated Design Methods by Simonsen, Jesper ISBN: 9780262027632
Designing Here/Now by Allan, Chochinov ISBN: 9780500517482
Post-Petroleum Design by Elvin, George ISBN: 9781138853904
Additive Manufacturing : 3D Printing for Prototyping and Manufacturing by Gebhardt, Andreas, H�tter, ... ISBN: 9781569905821
National 5 Design and Manufacture by McMillan, David, Leishman, ... ISBN: 9780007504831
3D Printers: a Beginner's Guide : A Beginner's Guide by Bothmann, Oliver ISBN: 9781565238718
Post-Petroleum Design by Elvin, George ISBN: 9781138853898
Engineering Risk Assessment and Design with Subset Simulation by Au, Siu-Kui, Wang, Yu ISBN: 9781118398050 List Price: $134.00
Advances in Evolutionary and Deterministic Methods for Design, Optimization and Control in E... by Greiner, David, Galvan, Bla... ISBN: 9783319364247 List Price: $179.00
Design Thinking Research : Building Innovators by Plattner, Hasso, Meinel, Ch... ISBN: 9783319359694 List Price: $179.00
3D Printing and Laser Cutting by Geary, Jeff, Rensh, Dave ISBN: 9780711038417
Plastics Institute of America Plastics Engineering, Manufacturing and Data Handbook : Volume... by Rosato, D. V., Schott, Nick... ISBN: 9781461356424 List Price: $1,735.00
Designing with Plastics and Composites: a Handbook by Rosato, Donald ISBN: 9781461597254 List Price: $99.00
Design Technology by McMillan, David, Leishman, ... ISBN: 9781843728849
LulzBot TAZ 3. 1 3D Printer by Aleph Objects ISBN: 9780989378444 List Price: $35.00
Advanced Design and Manufacture to Gain a Competitive Edge : New Manufacturing Techniques an... by Yan, Xiu-Tian, Jiang, Cheng... ISBN: 9781447168737 List Price: $379.00
Global Design to Gain a Competitive Edge : An Holistic and Collaborative Design Approach Bas... by Yan, Xiu-Tian, Eynard, Beno... ISBN: 9781447168669 List Price: $379.00
Predictive Modeling of Dynamic Processes : A Tribute to Professor Klaus Thoma by Hiermaier, Stefan ISBN: 9781489979261 List Price: $249.00
Artificial Intelligence in Design by Pham, D. T. ISBN: 9783540506348 List Price: $99.00
Industrial Design in Engineering : A Marriage of Techniques by Flurscheim, Charles H., Des... ISBN: 9783540126270 List Price: $99.00
Craftwork As Problem Solving Ethnographic Studies of Design and Making by Marchand, Trevor H. J. ISBN: 9781472442925 List Price: $149.95
Advanced Materials in Engineering : A Guide for Designers by Edwards, Kevin, Pollard, Geoff ISBN: 9781855730410
Engineering Design Process Chapter 11 by Ertas, Atila ISBN: 9780471313403 List Price: $2.95
Introduction to Design Engineering : Systematic Creativity and Management by Eder, W. Ernst, Hosnedl, St... ISBN: 9781138113596
Kontseptsii Sovremennogo Dizaina : 1990-2010 by Aronov, V. R. ISBN: 9785881494865
Engineering Systems : Meeting Human Needs in a Complex Technological World by Weck, Olivier L. de, Roos, ... ISBN: 9780262298513 List Price: $54.00
Cornucopia Limited : Design and Dissent on the Internet by Coyne, Richard ISBN: 9780262255950 List Price: $43.00
Creative Sketching in Product Design by Sendpoints Publishing Staff ISBN: 9789887849384
Product Design Methods and Practices by Stoll ISBN: 9781420000979 List Price: $167.95
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