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Fourier Optics and Computational Imaging by Khare ISBN: 9781118900345 List Price: $130.00
Mri for Technologists by Woodward, Peggy ISBN: 9780071353182 List Price: $65.95
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Physical and Biological Principles by Bushong, Stewart C. ISBN: 9780323014854 List Price: $82.95
Spin Choreography Basic Steps in High Resolution Nmr by Freeman, Ray ISBN: 9780198504818 List Price: $126.00
Workbook Approach to the MRI by Berry, Elizabeth, Bulpitt, ... ISBN: 9781584889014 List Price: $59.95
Inverse Methods in Electromagnetic Imaging : Part 2 by Unknown ISBN: 9789401088282 List Price: $99.00
Computer Vision - Dana Harry Ballard - Hardcover by Ballard, Dana H., Brown, Ch... ISBN: 9780131653160 List Price: $95.00
Ultrasound Physics and Technology: How, Why and When by Gibbs, Vivien, Cole, David,... ISBN: 9780702030413 List Price: $69.95
Technical Magnetic Resonance Imaging by Aquilia, Michael G., Markis... ISBN: 9780838588369 List Price: $37.50
Testing and Evaluation of Infrared Imaging Systems by Holst, Gerald C. ISBN: 9780964000056 List Price: $75.00
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (3-Volume Set) by David D. Stark, Walter G. B... ISBN: 9780815185185 List Price: $429.00
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine by Rinck, Peter A. ISBN: 9780632059867 List Price: $136.95
Magnetic Resonance Imaging by Stark, David D., Bradley, W... ISBN: 9780801649301 List Price: $389.00
Digital Image Processing and Analysis by Simon, J. C., Rosenfeld, Az... ISBN: 9789028604674 List Price: $177.50
Digital Image Processing Proceedings by Simon, J. C., Haralick, Rob... ISBN: 9789027713292 List Price: $299.00
Digital Image Processing Systems Proceedings by Bolc, Leonard, Kulpa, Z. ISBN: 9780387107059 List Price: $30.00
MRI Physical and Biological Principles - Stewart C. Bushong - Hardcover by Bushong, Stewart C. ISBN: 9780801618208 List Price: $43.95
Electronic Imaging and the Visual Arts, Vol. 71 by Sunderland, John ISBN: 9789057550447
Analysis and Interpretation of Range Images by Jain, R. C., Jain, A. K. ISBN: 9780387972008 List Price: $105.00
The Science of Imaging, Second Edition by Saxby, Graham ISBN: 9781439812860 List Price: $69.95
Elastic and Inelastic Scattering in Electron Diffraction and Imaging by Lin Wang, Zhong ISBN: 9780306449291 List Price: $259.00
Recent Developments in Scientific Optical Imaging by Denton, M. Bonner, Fields, ... ISBN: 9780854047864
Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics by Hawkes, Peter W., Kazan, Be... ISBN: 9780120147328 List Price: $104.00
Multidimensional Microscopy - Ping-chin C. Cheng - Hardcover by Cheng, P. C., Lin, T. H., W... ISBN: 9780387941189 List Price: $71.95
Methodology, Spectroscopy and Clinical MRI: 15th Annual Scientific Meeting of the European S... by Cerdan, S., Haase, A., Terr... ISBN: 9788847000346 List Price: $68.00
Handbook of MRI Scanning - Text and E-Book Package by Burghart, Geraldine, Finn, ... ISBN: 9780323068680 List Price: $74.95
MRI Physics for Radiologists: A Visual Approach by Horowitz, A. L. ISBN: 9780387977171 List Price: $29.00
Mri/Ct and Pathology in Head and Neck Tumors A Correlative Study by Chisin, Roland ISBN: 9780792302278 List Price: $281.00
MRI and CT Atlas of Correlative Imaging in Otolaryngology - Vijay M. Rao - Paperback by Rao, Vijay M., Flanders, Ad... ISBN: 9780838565261 List Price: $169.00
Quest.+answers in Magnetic Resonance... by Elster, Allen D. ISBN: 9780801677670 List Price: $50.95
Very High Angular Resolution Imaging by Robertson, J. G., Tango, W. J. ISBN: 9780792326335
Very High Angular Resolution Imaging Proceedings of the 158th Symposium of the International... by Robertson, J. G., Tango, W. J. ISBN: 9780792326328 List Price: $299.00
Basics of Magnetic Resonance Imaging by Oldendorf, William H., Jr. ISBN: 9780898389647 List Price: $235.00
NMR: Principles and Applications to Biomedical Research by Pettegrew, J. W. ISBN: 9780387970943 List Price: $133.00
Imaging in Transport Processes by Sideman, Samuel, Hijikata, ... ISBN: 9781567000122 List Price: $135.00
Imaging Spectrometry-A Tool for Environmental Observations by Hill, Joachim, Mégier, Jacques ISBN: 9780792329657 List Price: $241.00
Infrared Astronomy With Arrays The Next Generation by McLean, Ian S. ISBN: 9780792327783 List Price: $399.00
Computer-Assisted Microscopy The Measurement and Analysis of Images by Russ, John C. ISBN: 9781560490067 List Price: $50.00
Magnetic Resonance of Myelin, Myelination, and Myelin Disorders by Valk, J., Van Der Knaap, M. S. ISBN: 9780387505251 List Price: $233.00
Thermal Imaging Systems by Lloyd, J. M. ISBN: 9780306308482 List Price: $329.00
Nmr and Its Applications to Living Systems by Gadian, David G. ISBN: 9780198558033 List Price: $85.00
Nmr Imaging of Materials by Blümich, Bernhard ISBN: 9780198506836 List Price: $199.00
Non-Mathematical Approach to Basic Mri by Smith, Hans J., Ranallo, Frank ISBN: 9780944838020 List Price: $23.95
Nmr+its Applications to Living Systems by Gadian, David G. ISBN: 9780198552819 List Price: $80.00
MRI and CT of the Musculoskeletal Systems by Firooznia, Hossein ISBN: 9780801672422 List Price: $195.00
MRI of the Extremities : A Teaching File by Seeger, Chandnani, Gold ISBN: 9780815175148 List Price: $75.00
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