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In today's world we are all exposed to electronic devices of some sort. There is no escaping them and they make up a large part of our lives! So whether you are studying electronics in order to pursue it as a potential career or just as matter of personal interest you are bound to learn plenty that you find useful for the rest of your life. We have a huge range of affordable electronics textbooks for you to browse through. The topics cover analysis and design of analog integrated circuits, computer design, digital fundamentals, microelectronics, digital signal processing and circuit theory. You can either browse through the books or if you know what you are looking for and have a college reading list just use the ISBN number to locate the exact books you want. You can choose where you want the books delivered to, whether it be your home address or your dorm. When you are finished with the electronics textbooks you can use our buyback service.

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Alternative Lithographic Technologies VIII by Bencher, Christopher ISBN: 9781510600126
Gallium Nitride Materials and Devices XI by Chyi, Jen-Inn ISBN: 9781628419832
Physics, Simulation, and Photonic Engineering of Photovoltaic Devices V by Freundlich, Alexandre, Lomb... ISBN: 9781628419788
Optical Components and Materials XIII by Jiang, Shibin, Digonnet, Mi... ISBN: 9781628419795
Optical Sensors and Switches by Ramamurthy, V., Schanze, Ki... ISBN: 9781420029246 List Price: $247.95
Nook Book by Kanouse, Patrick ISBN: 9780789752925
Molecular Electronics : From Principles to Practice by Petty, Michael C. ISBN: 9780470723890 List Price: $290.25
Completely Autonomous Power Systems : Next Generation Smart Grids by Zhong, Qing-Chang ISBN: 9781118803523 List Price: $130.50
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