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Whether your focus is on civil engineering or geotechnical engineering, we have a great collection of cheap civil textbooks for you to choose from. Civil engineering is the design and maintenance of public works such as roads, water and energy systems and public facilities such as railways and ports. Geotechnical engineering is a branch of civil engineering that focuses on the behavior of earth materials, such as rock and soil. Our new and pre-owned civil textbooks cover both areas in great depth and will help you on your way to becoming a great engineer yourself and could end up being the building blocks of your new career. The discounted civil textbooks that you will find here are exactly the same ones that you will find in your college bookstore, but we sell them at much lower prices. We know that money is tight for students so we keep the prices of our textbooks as low as possible.

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Stuck in Traffic Coping With Peak-Hour Traffic Congestion by Downs, Anthony ISBN: 9780815719243 List Price: $18.95
Compression and Consolidation of Clayey Soils by Yoshikuni, Hiroshi, Kusakab... ISBN: 9789054105398 List Price: $76.00
Foundations of Optimum Design in Civil Engineering by Brandt, A. M. ISBN: 9789024725168 List Price: $569.00
Handbook of Road Technology Traffic and Transport by Unknown ISBN: 9789056991586 List Price: $250.00
Handbook of Road Technology Planning and Pavements by Lay, Max ISBN: 9789056991579 List Price: $185.00
Handbook on Mechanical Properties of Rocks by Lama, R. D., Vutukuri, V. S. ISBN: 9780878490226 List Price: $75.00
Handbook on Mechanical Properties of Rocks by Lama, R. D., Vutukuri, V. S. ISBN: 9780878490233 List Price: $75.00
Paris-Lexington Road Community-Based Planning and Context Sensitive Highway Design by Schneider, Krista L., Lands... ISBN: 9781559631105 List Price: $25.00
Rock Mechanics Models and Measurements Challenges from Industry Proceedings of the 1st Nort... by Nelson, P. P., Laubach, S. E. ISBN: 9789054103868 List Price: $85.00
Microtunnel Construction Proceedings of the 4th International Symposium, Munchen, 2-3 April,... by Messe Munchen International... ISBN: 9789054109495 List Price: $59.74
Durability of Geotextiles by International Union Of Test... ISBN: 9780412306600 List Price: $87.95
Elementary Mechanics of Soil Behaviour Saturated Remoulded Soils by Bairez, Jean, Hicher, P. Y. ISBN: 9789054101567 List Price: $55.00
Engineering Economic Analysis by Newnan, Donald G. ISBN: 9780910554831 List Price: $59.50
Computer Methods in Water Resources by Hromadka, T. V., II, Durban... ISBN: 9780914055013 List Price: $37.50
Compression and Consolidation of Clayey Soils Proceedings of the International Symposium on ... by Yoshikuni, Hiroshi, Kusakab... ISBN: 9789054105374 List Price: $155.00
Computational Geomechanics/Book and Disk by Verruijt, Arnold ISBN: 9780792334071 List Price: $172.00
Application of Polymeric Reinforcement in Soil Retaining Structures by Jarrett, Peter M., McGown, ... ISBN: 9789024737161 List Price: $376.00
Illustrated Hist of Civil Engin - Neil Upton - Hardcover by Upton, Neil ISBN: 9780844810324 List Price: $23.00
Bridges Explained: Viaducts, Aqueducts (Britain's Living History) by Yorke, Trevor ISBN: 9781846740794 List Price: $23.95
Dynamics of Civil Engineering Structures by Kratzig, W. B., Niemann, H. J. ISBN: 9789054106241 List Price: $162.00
Seismic Design of Buildings to Eurocode 8 by Elghazoul , Ahmed , Mathers... ISBN: 9780415447621
Compression and Consolidation of Clayey Soils, Vol. 1 by Yoshikuni, Hiroshi, Kusakab... ISBN: 9789054105381 List Price: $142.00
Repair and Rehabilitation of Steel Bridges by Ghosh, Uptal K. ISBN: 9789058092076 List Price: $109.95
Integrated Transport: From Policy to Practice by Givoni, Moshe, Banister, David ISBN: 9780415548939 List Price: $135.00
Systems Approach to Civil Engineering by Jewell, Thomas K. ISBN: 9780060433178 List Price: $48.12
Pore Pressure Through Earth Mechanical Systems by Holbrook, Philip, Holbrook,... ISBN: 9780970808301 List Price: $18.00
Traffic Engineering by McShane, William R., Roess,... ISBN: 9780139261480 List Price: $100.00
Making Buildings Safer for People During Hurricanes, Earthquakes, and Fires by Nowak, Andrzej S. ISBN: 9780442264734 List Price: $194.00
Soil Mechanics Basic Concepts and Engineering Applications 2001 by Aysen, A., Powrie, William ISBN: 9789058093585 List Price: $205.95
Longest Tunnels by Mitchell, Susan K. ISBN: 9780836883657 List Price: $26.00
Hemispherical Projection Methods in Rock Mechanics by Priest, Stephen D. ISBN: 9780046220075 List Price: $24.95
Ways of the World: A History of the World's Roads and of the Vehicles That Used Them - Maxwe... by Lay, Maxwell G., Vance, Jam... ISBN: 9780813517582 List Price: $50.00
Transportation Tunnels by Ponnusamy, S., Victor, D. J... ISBN: 9789054102960
Mestechnik in der Versorgungstechnik by Karbach, Alfred ISBN: 9783540611967 List Price: $62.95
Soil Mechanics : Design Manual by Scientific Publishers Staff ISBN: 9788185046167
Deformation Microstructures and Mechanisms in Minerals and Rocks by Blenkinsop, Tom G. ISBN: 9789401738491 List Price: $149.00
Pressuremeter and Foundation Engineering by Baguelin, F., Jezequel, J. ... ISBN: 9780878490196 List Price: $60.00
Water Wells and Pumps by Michael, A. M., Khepar, S. ... ISBN: 9780071591201
Introduction to Tunnel Construction (Applied Geotechnics) by Chapman, D. ISBN: 9780415468411 List Price: $155.00
Spon's Civil and Highway Works Price Book 2003 by Davis Langdon & Everest Con... ISBN: 9780415301183 List Price: $180.00
Guide for the Design of High Occupancy Vehicle Facilities by AASHTO Staff ISBN: 9781560510130 List Price: $26.00
Bridge Rehabilitation and Replacement by Park, Sung H. ISBN: 9780960444014 List Price: $70.00
Handbook of Geotechnical Investigation and Design Tables by Look, Burt ISBN: 9780415430388 List Price: $102.95
Piled Raft Foundations by Viggiani, Carlo, Mandolini,... ISBN: 9780415490665
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