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Civil engineering is a fascinating area to study, as you'll already know if you have picked this area to study at college. Now you can buy general civil engineering textbooks online directly from us to save money whenever you need an affordable text book. You can even rent used general civil engineering textbooks if you wish, because they can provide you with a way to get the best deals on many of these titles. Watch out for Project Lead the Way: Civil Engineering and Architecture; Civil and Environmental Systems Engineering; Science and Technology of Civil Engineering Materials, and Water Wells and Pumps. We have many other affordable titles in pre-owned condition too, so you can save money regardless of the specific text book you are searching for. Make sure you can get some superb deals on these textbooks whenever you need to buy or rent used general civil engineering textbooks for your college course. Try us today!

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Perspectives on Construction Innovation by Abbott, Carl, Dainty, A. R.... ISBN: 9781118655535 List Price: $148.50
Non-Balasted Rail Track by Freudenstein, Regine ISBN: 9783433029930
Rapid Load Testing on Piles : Interpretation Guidelines by Holscher, Paul, Brassinga, ... ISBN: 9781138113770
Frontier Road : Power, History, and the Everyday State in the Colombian Amazon by Uribe, Simon ISBN: 9781119100171 List Price: $94.95
Home Fire Sprinkler Cost Assessment by Partners LLC, Newport ISBN: 9781493910823 List Price: $54.99
Dictionary of Building and Civil Engineering : English, German, French, Dutch, Russian by Korchomkin, S. N., Kurbatov... ISBN: 9789401574099 List Price: $99.00
ICE Conditions of Contract : The Seventh Edition by Eggleston, Brian ISBN: 9780470690345 List Price: $200.00
Practical Guide to the NEC3 Engineering and Construction Contract by Rowlinson, Michael ISBN: 9781444340181 List Price: $110.00
Eurotunnel '80 by Jones, Michael J., Phillips... ISBN: 9780900488504 List Price: $88.00
Tunnelling, `76 by Jones, M. J., Pryor, Robert ISBN: 9780900488344 List Price: $132.00
Tunnelling, `79 by Jones, M. J., Pryor, Robert ISBN: 9780900488474 List Price: $132.00
Civil and Environmental Engineering: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications by Management Association, Inf... ISBN: 9781466696198 List Price: $2,250.00
Frontier Road : Power, History, and the Everyday State in the Colombian Amazon by Uribe, Simon ISBN: 9781119100188 List Price: $34.95
Civil and Building Materials : Iccbm 2016 by Lim, Chee Wah ISBN: 9783035711127 List Price: $130.00
Utilisation des Methodes Manuelles dans les Programmes de Construction : Guide Pratique pour... by World Bank, Transportation ... ISBN: 9780317579062 List Price: $16.95
Pile Foundations by Mohan, Dinesh ISBN: 9788120403246
Principles of Structure by Wyatt, Ken, Hough, Richard ISBN: 9781742232935
Rules of Thumb for Civil Engineers by Hromadka, T. ISBN: 9780884157830 List Price: $75.00
Tunnelling : Design, Stability and Construction by Whittaker, B. N., Frith, R. C. ISBN: 9781870706209 List Price: $56.00
Structural Depth Practice Exams for the Civil PE Exam by Giancaspro, James ISBN: 9781591264613 List Price: $200.00
Civil and Building Materials : Iccbm 2016 by Lim, Chee Wah ISBN: 9783035721126 List Price: $130.00
Dictionary of Civil Engineering : English-French by Kurtz, Jean-Paul ISBN: 9781475787528 List Price: $99.00
Immersed Tunnels by Lunniss, Richard, Baber, Jo... ISBN: 9781138076181
Taking off Quantities : Civil Engineering by Spain, Bryan J. D. ISBN: 9781138464636
Civil Engineering Handbook by Liew, J. Y. Richard, Chen, ... ISBN: 9781420041217
Evapotranspiration Covers for Landfills and Waste Sites by Hauser, Victor L. ISBN: 9781420086522
Handbook of Surface and Nanometrology by Whitehouse, David J. ISBN: 9781420082029
Advanced Engineering Forum Vol. 42 by Demian, Mihai, Nicolicescu,... ISBN: 9783035727807 List Price: $160.00
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