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AP U.S. Government and Politics Crash Course (REA) (Test Preps) by Krieger, Larry ISBN: 9780738608099 List Price: $11.95
AP*Chemistry by Waterman, Edward *, Lemay, ... ISBN: 9780136002840 List Price: $19.96
AP French Language Exam with Audio CD (REA): 2nd Edition (Test Preps) by Knauer, Ellen ISBN: 9780738607856 List Price: $27.95
AP English Language and Composition with CD-ROM (REA Test Preps) by Wood, Sally, Raulston, Dwight ISBN: 9780738607870 List Price: $24.95
AP Environmental Science with CD-ROM (REA) (Test Preps) by Reel, Kevin R. ISBN: 9780738607887 List Price: $24.95
Ap Government & Politics Rea The Best Test Prep, Grade 10-12 by Kalner, E., Phelan, W., Mit... ISBN: 9780738602677 List Price: $29.95
AP Art History with Art CD-ROM (REA) by Chmiel, Frank, Krieger, Lar... ISBN: 9780738607078 List Price: $22.95
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