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Triple Jump Encyclopedia by Bullard, Ernie, Knuth, Larry ISBN: 9780870950575 List Price: $9.95
Applied Techniques in Track and Field by Jacoby, Ed ISBN: 9780880110501 List Price: $12.95
Athletics Congress' Track and Field Coaching Manual by Gambetta, Vern ISBN: 9780918438737 List Price: $16.00
Coaching Track and Field Techniques - Kenneth E. Foreman by Foreman, Kenneth E. ISBN: 9780697071873
Developing a Successful Women's Track and Field Program by Lasco, Dianna ISBN: 9780132052610 List Price: $27.95
Track and Field - Kenneth E. Foreman - Hardcover - 2nd ed by Foreman, Kenneth E. ISBN: 9780697072139
Mechanics of Athletics by Dyson, Geoffrey H. ISBN: 9780841911024 List Price: $34.50
Leon Patterson : A California Story by Haslam, Gerald W., Haslam, ... ISBN: 9780915685264
Art of Coaching Track and Field by Brauman, Ken ISBN: 9780130466402 List Price: $29.95
Track and Field by Johnson, Dewayne J., Haines... ISBN: 9780896410930 List Price: $10.95
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