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Would you love an opportunity to rent used running and jogging textbooks so you can find out more about this fascinating pastime? You can learn everything from how to run faster to how jogging helps you put together a successful aerobics program. Our selection of pre-owned and affordable text books means you can get the best deals every single time you rent or buy cheap running and jogging textbooks from Valore Books. We're famous for our marketplace, because we offer fast and convenient delivery, not to mention affordable deals and plenty of discounted copies of all the books you could want. These include Jogging for Health and Fitness; Jogging: A Guide to Successful Aerobics; Runner: Energy and Endurance, and Running Through the Ages. With so many attractive titles to look at, you'll see how smart a decision it is to buy from us. Sell back to us as well if you want to!

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INSIDE RUNNING: BASICS OF SPORTS PHYSIOLOGY (P) by Costill, David L. ISBN: 9781884125188 List Price: $20.00
Running by Lebrecque, Ellen ISBN: 9781602790216 List Price: $27.07
Jogging A Guide to Successful Aerobics by Campbell, Dale ISBN: 9780896412644 List Price: $13.95
Jogging by Corbin, David E. ISBN: 9780673183187 List Price: $9.50
Science of Sport: Sprinting : Sprinting by Platt, Geoffrey Gk ISBN: 9781847979414
Running Hot and Cold by Richards, Doug ISBN: 9781785311291
Endurance Running : A Socio-Cultural Examination by Bridel, William, Denison, J... ISBN: 9781138810426
Jogging for Health and Fitness - Frank D. Rosato - Paperback - Older Edition by Rosato, Frank D. ISBN: 9780895821812 List Price: $12.95
Jogging Everyone by Williams, Charles, Moore, C... ISBN: 9780887250019 List Price: $11.96
Jogging - A. Garth Fisher by Fisher, A. Garth, Allsen, P... ISBN: 9780697072412
North : Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail by Jurek, Scott, Jurek, Jenny ISBN: 9780316433808
Running (Healthy for Life) by Lebrecque, Ellen ISBN: 9781602790896 List Price: $14.21
Jogging : Motions, Notions and Potions by Worcester, David J. ISBN: 9780722323038
Best of Conrunner by Sorenson, Ian ISBN: 9780809546138 List Price: $15.95
Running to Fitness by Unknown ISBN: 9780808730491 List Price: $13.20
Endurance Running : A Socio-Cultural Examination by Bridel, William, Markula, P... ISBN: 9781138067851
Jogging a Guide to Successful Aerobics by Campbell, Dale ISBN: 9780896412019 List Price: $7.95
Runner: Energy and Endurance by Newsholme, Eric, Leech, Ton... ISBN: 9780913115008 List Price: $20.00
How to Run Faster by Dintiman, George B. ISBN: 9780880110570 List Price: $14.00
Jogging for Health and Fitness by Rosato, Frank D. ISBN: 9780881360059 List Price: $5.95
Running Through the Ages by Sears, Edward S. ISBN: 9780786409716 List Price: $55.00
Alberto Salazar's Guide to Running A Champion's Revolutionary Program to Revitalize Your Fit... by Salazar, Alberto, Lovett, R... ISBN: 9780071370271 List Price: $19.95
Trail Running Illustrated : The Art of Running Free by Mayer, Doug, Metzler, Brian... ISBN: 9781680515664
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