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We can offer you the chance to choose from hundreds of diverse books on general subjects relating to sports and recreational topics. Buy cheap general sports and recreation textbooks today and find out why so many other US students choose our website when they want the cheapest deals on the text book they want for college. We can offer titles such as Sports Marketing; Introduction to Recreation and Leisure; Strategic Sport Communication, and Applied Research and Evaluation Methods in Recreation. As you can see, the choice is vast and wide, so if you are going to buy general textbooks online on this topic, you're in the best place to do so. We buy back general sports and recreation books all the time as well, so if you're ready to make the most of our website you can use our buyback service too. Trust Valore Books to bring you the best and cheapest deals on discounted text books of all kinds today.

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American Sports : From the Age of Folk Games to the Age of Televised Sports by Grundy, Pamela, Rader, Benj... ISBN: 9780205888603 List Price: $120.80
Introduction to Recreation and Leisure by Human Kinetics (Organizatio... ISBN: 9781450424172 List Price: $70.00
High-Powered Plyometrics 2nd Edition by Radcliffe, James C., Farent... ISBN: 9781450498135 List Price: $21.95
Two Decades and Counting : The Streak, the Wins, the Hawkeyes: Thru the Eyes of Roy Marble by Meeks, Brian, Marble, Roy, ... ISBN: 9780985104603 List Price: $14.95
Gift of Sports by Arnold, Philip P. ISBN: 9781621310471 List Price: $39.95
Athletic Administration : Sound Decision Making, Effective Problem Solving and Appropriate R... by Stier, William F., Jr. ISBN: 9780896415096 List Price: $49.95
Tigers vs Jayhawks : From the Civil War to the Battle for No. 1 by Godich, Mark ISBN: 9780988996489 List Price: $18.95
Dance Production : Design and Technology by Hopgood, Jeromy ISBN: 9781138795914 List Price: $44.95
Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity (Second Edition) by Cunningham, George, Singer,... ISBN: 9780615652658
System : The Glory and Scandal of Big-Time College Football by Benedict, Jeff, Keteyian, A... ISBN: 9780345803030 List Price: $15.95
Sport Leadership in the 21st Century by Borland, John F., Kane, Gre... ISBN: 9781449690861 List Price: $248.85
Outdoor Adventure and Social Theory by Pike, Elizabeth, Beames, Simon ISBN: 9780415532679
Ultimate Book of the Horse and Rider : A Complete Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds, a Practical ... by Draper, Judith, Sly, Debby,... ISBN: 9780754830351 List Price: $29.99
Full-Court Quest : The Girls from Fort Shaw Indian School, Basketball Champions of the World by Peavy, Linda, Smith, Ursula ISBN: 9780806144696 List Price: $19.95
Psychology in Sports Coaching : Theory and Practice by Nicholls, Adam, Jones, Leigh ISBN: 9780415625999
Sport for Development and Peace : A Critical Sociology by Darnell, Simon ISBN: 9781472539540
Contemporary Perspectives in Leisure : Meanings, Motives and Lifelong Learning by Elkington, Sam, Gammon, Sean ISBN: 9780415829892
Advances in Rugby Coaching : An Holistic Approach by Light, Richard, Harvey, Ste... ISBN: 9781138805736
Multiplayer : The Social Aspects of Digital Gaming by Quandt, Thorsten, Kr�ger, S... ISBN: 9780415828864
Japanese Women and Sport : Beyond Baseball and Sumo by Kietlinski, Robin ISBN: 9781472539533
Bollettieri : Changing the Game by Bollettieri, Nick, Davis, B... ISBN: 9781938842160
Economics of Intercollegiate Sports by Grant, Randy R., Leadley, J... ISBN: 9789814583367
Why Is Daddy Sad on Sunday? Disappointing Moments in Cleveland Sports Coloring Book by OBrien, Scott, OBrien, Scott ISBN: 9780615992341 List Price: $19.99
Diplomatic Games : Sport, Statecraft, and International Relations Since 1945 by Dichter, Heather L., Johns,... ISBN: 9780813145648 List Price: $40.00
Carley Does a Cartwheel by Leatherby, Kyria ISBN: 9780615675695
Sport and Politics in Modern Britain : The Road To 2012 by Jefferys, Kevin ISBN: 9780230291874
Preserving Dance As a Living Legacy by Brooks, Lynn Matluck, Megli... ISBN: 9780415634908
Gay Games by Symons, Caroline ISBN: 9780415688666
Starry Night by Supp�, Isabel ISBN: 9781937391218 List Price: $14.99
Fantasy Sport Industry : Games within Games by Billings, Andrew C. , Ruihl... ISBN: 9780415525183
Calling : A Life Lifted by Mountains by Blanchard, Barry ISBN: 9781938340314
Government and Politics of Sport (RLE Sports Studies) by Houlihan, Barrie ISBN: 9781138774834
That Untraveled World : An Autobiography by Shipton, Eric ISBN: 9781594858970 List Price: $19.95
American Alpine Journal 2014 : The World's Most Significant Climbs by American Alpine Club ISBN: 9781933056838
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