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Sport and Migration : Borders, Boundaries and Crossings by Maguire, Joseph, Falcous, Mark ISBN: 9780415498340
Attacking Soccer by Miller, Jay ISBN: 9781450422406 List Price: $21.95
Sport and Migration : Borders, Boundaries and Crossings by Maguire, Joseph, Falcous, Mark ISBN: 9780415498333
Winning Soccer for Girls by Borden, Marian E. ISBN: 9780816032723 List Price: $16.95
State D Soccer Coaching Course : Instructor's Manual by Nystrom, Karl R. ISBN: 9781879397026 List Price: $3.50
Teaching Soccer - William Thomson - Paperback - REPRINT by Thomson, William ISBN: 9780881335828 List Price: $13.95
Teaching of Soccer : A Working Manual for Youth Coaches by Whitehead, Simon, Hoehn, Ji... ISBN: 9780317935424 List Price: $9.95
Soccer Coach's Survival Guide by Warren, William E. ISBN: 9780139079818 List Price: $32.50
Soccer Coaching and Team Management by Cook, Malcolm, McMenemy, La... ISBN: 9780785528937 List Price: $30.00
Teaching of Soccer: A Working Manual for Youth Coaches - Simon Whitehead - Other Format by Whitehead, Simon, Hoehn, Ji... ISBN: 9780962220203 List Price: $9.95
Principles of Modern Soccer - George Beim - Hardcover by Beim, George ISBN: 9780395244159 List Price: $24.50
Organizing Your Youth Soccer Team by Swedish Soccer Federation S... ISBN: 9780880113007 List Price: $16.95
Youth Soccer From Science to Performance by Stratton, Gareth, Reilly, T... ISBN: 9780415286626 List Price: $44.95
Coaching Soccer the Progressive Way by Ditchfield, Michael, Bahr, ... ISBN: 9780131392625 List Price: $27.95
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