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Coaching Modern Basketball Hints, Strategies, and Tactics by Stier, William F. ISBN: 9780205159352 List Price: $40.80
Skills, Drills & Strategies for Basketball by Nix, Charlie, Pellett, Trac... ISBN: 9781890871116 List Price: $15.50
Basketball:multiple Offense+defense by Smith, Dean, Spear, Bob ISBN: 9780130720900 List Price: $28.00
Basketball by Fox, Robert A. ISBN: 9780130667960 List Price: $61.00
Basketball Fun & Games 50 Skill-Building Activities for Children by Prusak, Kevin A. ISBN: 9780736045162 List Price: $19.95
Step-By-Step Basketball Fundamentals for the Player and Coach by Scott, John ISBN: 9780138466688 List Price: $22.00
Fundamental Five by Ford, Jack S. ISBN: 9780697063717
Practical Basketball for Teacher and Coach by Johnson, Connie ISBN: 9780875633329 List Price: $13.80
Furious George : My Forty Years Surviving NBA Divas, Clueless GMs, and Poor Shot Selection by Karl, George, Sampson, Curt ISBN: 9780062367808 List Price: $15.99
Players First : Coaching from the Inside Out by Calipari, John, Sokolove, M... ISBN: 9780143127086 List Price: $17.00
Basketball by Head-Summit, Pat, Jennings,... ISBN: 9780697078896 List Price: $10.30
Basketball Building the Complete Program by Stewart, Norman E., Scholz,... ISBN: 9780960509201 List Price: $19.95
Basketball: The Complete Handbook of Individual Skills by Fox, Robert A. ISBN: 9780130666062 List Price: $56.25
Basketball for Players & Coaches by Sutton, Eddie ISBN: 9780130597670
Float Like a "Butterfly", Sting Your Opponent by Honn, Marvin ISBN: 9780685299616 List Price: $29.95
Basketball for Coaching and Teaching by Hill, Dickie ISBN: 9780896413665 List Price: $27.95
Advanced Principles of Coaching Basketball by Landa, Howie ISBN: 9780977829712 List Price: $20.00
Principles of Coaching Basketball by Landa, Howie ISBN: 9780977829729 List Price: $10.00
Craft of Coaching by Billups, Steve ISBN: 9781632680440 List Price: $15.99
Knight before the Game (1992-1993) - Arthur A. Angotti - Paperback by Angotti, Arthur A. ISBN: 9780974637600 List Price: $12.95
Teaching Basketball by Whiddon, N. Sue, Reynolds, ... ISBN: 9780881335811 List Price: $12.95
Defense Wins! A New, Winning Approach to Team Man-To-Man Basketball by Haubrich, Bill ISBN: 9780132037204 List Price: $27.95
Coaching Basketball The Complete Book from Beginning to Championship Play by De Vette, Russell B., Vande... ISBN: 9780896411579 List Price: $19.95
Basketball Sixty-Five Programmed Principles by Cheney, Robert B. ISBN: 9780912934020 List Price: $1.35
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