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Reading Women's Lives an Introduction to Women's Studies by Unknown ISBN: 9780536006257 List Price: $28.00
Homeworking Women Gender, Racism and Class at Work by Phizacklea, Annie, Wolkowit... ISBN: 9780803988736 List Price: $135.00
Women and International Development Annual by Gallin, Rita S., Ferguson, ... ISBN: 9780813385129 List Price: $36.50
Women and Politics Paths to Power and Political Influence by Dolan, Julie Anne, Deckman,... ISBN: 9780131505452 List Price: $77.40
Both Gains and Gaps Feminist Perspectives on Women's Leisure by Henderson, Karla A., Biales... ISBN: 9780910251792 List Price: $46.95
Women in Higher Education An Encyclopedia by Martinez Aleman, Ana M., Re... ISBN: 9781576076149 List Price: $85.00
Women in Early Modern England 1550-1720 by Mendelson, Sara, Crawford, ... ISBN: 9780198201243 List Price: $134.50
Contingent Maps : Rethinking Western Women's History and the North American West by Gray, Susan E., Gullett, Gayle ISBN: 9780816528899
Women, Work and Sociability in Early Modern London by Reinke-Williams, Tim ISBN: 9781137372093
Annual Review of Women in World Religions, the by Sharma, Arvind, Young, Kath... ISBN: 9780791454251 List Price: $44.50
Women Out of Order: Risking Change and Creating Care in a Multicultural World by Stevenson-Moessner, Jeanne,... ISBN: 9780800664442 List Price: $29.00
Victorian London's Middle-Class Housewife What She Did All Day by Draznin, Yaffa Claire ISBN: 9780313313998 List Price: $67.95
Myth, Religion, and Mother Right Selected Writings of J.J. Bachofen by Bachofen, Johann J., Manhei... ISBN: 9780691017976 List Price: $32.95
Women, War and Revolution by Berkin, Carol R., Lovett, C... ISBN: 9780841905023 List Price: $36.95
Encyclopedia of Women in the Renaissance Italy, France, and England by Robin, Diana, Larsen, Anne,... ISBN: 9781851097722 List Price: $95.00
American Women in Technology: An Encyclopedia - Linda Zierdt-Warshaw - Library Binding by Zierdt-Warshaw, Linda, Wink... ISBN: 9781576070727 List Price: $75.00
Women in the Ancient near East by Chavalas ISBN: 9780415448567
French Women and the Empire : The Case of Indochina by Ha, Marie-Paule ISBN: 9780199640362 List Price: $110.00
Inventing American Woman,v.ii by Riley, Glenda ISBN: 9780882959238 List Price: $16.95
To Read My Heart The Journal of Rachel Van Dyke, 1810-1811 by Van Dyke, Rachel, McMahon, ... ISBN: 9780812235494 List Price: $69.95
Donors, Devotees, and the Daughters of God Temple Women in Medieval Tamilnadu by Orr, Leslie C. ISBN: 9780195099621 List Price: $110.00
World Full of Women by Ward, Martha Coonfield ISBN: 9780205361007 List Price: $49.60
For We Are Sold,i+my People by Fernandez-Kelly, Maria P. ISBN: 9780873957175 List Price: $19.50
Women and Achievement in Nineteenth-Century Europe by Clark, Linda ISBN: 9780521658782 List Price: $26.99
Women and Self-Help Culture Reading Between the Lines by Simonds, Wendy ISBN: 9780813518343 List Price: $22.95
Black Women and Popular Culture : The Conversation Continues by Goldman, Adria Y., Goldman,... ISBN: 9780739192283
Carrie Chapman Catt A Voice For Women by Keller, Kristin Thoennes ISBN: 9780756509910 List Price: $31.93
Eve's Century A Sourcebook of Writings on Women and Journalism 1895-1918 by Varty, Anne ISBN: 9780415195454 List Price: $39.95
Working Women in Renaissance Germany by Wiesner, Merry E. ISBN: 9780813511382 List Price: $40.00
English Housewife by Markham, Gervase ISBN: 9780773511033 List Price: $24.95
Women of the Left Bank Paris, 1900-1940 by Benstock, Shari ISBN: 9780292790292 List Price: $32.95
What's Left? Women in Culture and the Labour Movement by Jardine, Lisa, Swindells, J. ISBN: 9780415010061 List Price: $67.00
Receiving Woman Studies in the Psychology and Theology of the Feminine by Ulanov, Ann Belford, Ulanov... ISBN: 9780664243609 List Price: $30.00
Enclosed Garden by Friedman, Jean E. ISBN: 9780807816448 List Price: $19.95
Patriarchy+accumulation on World Scale by Mies, Maria ISBN: 9780862323417 List Price: $22.50
Notable Women in the Life Sciences A Biographical Dictionary by Shearer, Benjamin F., Shear... ISBN: 9780313293023 List Price: $66.95
Women And Politics in Iran Veiling, Unveiling, And Reveiling by Sedghi, Hamideh ISBN: 9780521835817 List Price: $100.00
Specters of Mother India The Global Restructuring of an Empire by Sinha, Mrinalini, Walkowitz... ISBN: 9780822337829 List Price: $94.95
Bitter Milk Women and Teaching by Grumet, Madeleine R. ISBN: 9780870236136 List Price: $19.95
Women's America: Refocusing the Past by Kerber, Linda K., De Hart, ... ISBN: 9780195062625 List Price: $19.95
Daughters of Revolution by Clements, Barbara E., Euban... ISBN: 9780882959085 List Price: $11.95
Recasting Women Essays in Indian Colonial History by Sangari, Kumkum, Vaid, Sudesh ISBN: 9780813515809 List Price: $25.95
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