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LA Raza Unida Party A Chicano Challenge to the U.S. Two-Party Dictatorship by Navarro, Armando ISBN: 9781566397711 List Price: $33.95
Natives and Strangers A Multicultural History of Americans by Dinnerstein, Leonard, Nicho... ISBN: 9780195090840 List Price: $27.95
Resounding Voices School Experiences of People from Diverse Ethnic Backgrounds by Boutte, Gloria Swindler ISBN: 9780205318247 List Price: $72.60
Understanding and Managing Diversity: Readings, Cases, and Exercises by Harvey, Carol P., Allard, M... ISBN: 9780130292643 List Price: $44.00
Connecting Cultures A Guide to Multicultural Literature for Children by Thomas, Rebecca L. ISBN: 9780835237604 List Price: $48.00
Politics of Hispanic Education UN Paso Pa'Lante Y DOS Pa'Tras by Meier, Kenneth J., Stewart,... ISBN: 9780791405079 List Price: $23.50
Beyond Silenced Voices Class, Race, and Gender in United States Schools by Weis, Lois, Fine, Michelle ISBN: 9780791412862 List Price: $30.95
Cultural Diversity in Our Schools by Marshall, Patricia L. ISBN: 9780534512477 List Price: $116.95
Counseling American Minorities: A Cross-Cultural Perspective by Atkinson, Donald R. ISBN: 9780697104441
Natives and Strangers: Blacks, Indians, and Immigrants in America by Dinnerstein, Leonard, Nicho... ISBN: 9780195057225 List Price: $17.95
Diversity Issues in the Diagnosis, Treatment, and Research of Mood Disorders by Loue, Sana, Sajatovic, Mart... ISBN: 9780195308181 List Price: $69.95
Social Outsiders in Nazi Germany by Gellately, Robert, Stoltzfu... ISBN: 9780691007489 List Price: $80.00
Minority Nationalism and the Changing International Order by Keating, Michael, McGarry, ... ISBN: 9780199242146 List Price: $140.00
Challenges of Urban Education Sociological Perspectives for the Next Century by McClafferty, Karen A., Mitc... ISBN: 9780791444344 List Price: $31.95
Diversity and Developmentally Appropriate Practices Challenges for Early Childhood Education by New, Rebecca, Mallory, Bruc... ISBN: 9780807732991 List Price: $20.95
Psychological Intervention+cult.diver. by Aponte, Joseph F., Rivers, ... ISBN: 9780205146680 List Price: $54.95
Between Harmony and Discrimination : Negotiating Religious Identities Within Majority-Minori... by Hauser-Sch´┐Żublin, Brigitta,... ISBN: 9789004271258 List Price: $164.00
All about Skin : Short Fiction by Women of Color by Ortiz, Jina, Spencer, Roche... ISBN: 9780299301941 List Price: $24.95
Living in the Ottoman Ecumenical Community: Essays in Honour of Suraiya Faroqhi by Faroqhi, Suraiya, Costantin... ISBN: 9789004165755
Promise and Dilemma Perspectives on Racial Diversity and Higher Education by Lowe, Eugene Y. ISBN: 9780691004891 List Price: $57.50
Families and Schools in a Pluralistic Society by Chavkin, Nancy Feyl ISBN: 9780791412282 List Price: $31.95
Racial Crisis in American Higher Education Continuing Challenges for the Twenty-First Century by Smith, William A., Lomotey,... ISBN: 9780791452363 List Price: $29.95
Teaching Young Children in Multicultural Classrooms Issues, Concepts, And Strategies by de Melendez, Wilma Robles ISBN: 9781418039417 List Price: $150.95
Henry B. Gonzalez Congressman of the People by Haugen, Brenda ISBN: 9780756509965 List Price: $31.93
Transference and Empathy in Asian American Psychotherapy Cultural Values and Treatment Needs by Chin, Jean L., Hong, George... ISBN: 9780275944933 List Price: $93.95
Working from Within: Chicana and Chicano Activist Educators in Whitestream Schools by Urrieta, Luis, Jr. ISBN: 9780816526116 List Price: $39.95
Student Writing Access, Regulation, Desire by Lillis, Theresa M. ISBN: 9780415228022 List Price: $44.95
Race, Ethnicity, Gender,and Class: The Sociology of Group Conflict and Change by Healey, Joseph F. ISBN: 9780761987635 List Price: $72.95
Race, Class, and Power in School Restructuring by Lipman, Pauline, Ladsen-Bil... ISBN: 9780791437704 List Price: $31.95
Handbook of Cross-Cultural Counseling and Therapy by Pedersen, Paul ISBN: 9780275927134 List Price: $35.00
LGBT Youth in America's Schools by Cianciotto, Jason, Cahill, ... ISBN: 9780472118229 List Price: $80.00
Minorities in the Ottoman Empire A Reconsideration by Greene, Molly ISBN: 9781558762282 List Price: $22.95
Substance Abuse Issues Among Families in Diverse Populations by Delva, Jorge ISBN: 9780789011947 List Price: $39.95
Race and Educational Reform in the American Metropolis A Study of School Decentralization by Lewis, Dan A., Nakagawa, Ka... ISBN: 9780791421345 List Price: $29.95
One South An Ethnic Approach to Regional Culture by Reed, John Shelton ISBN: 9780807110386 List Price: $20.95
Ethnicity, Disability and Chronic Illness by Ahmad, W. I. ISBN: 9780335199822 List Price: $49.95
Race in the College Classroom Pedagogy and Politics by TuSmith, Bonnie, Reddy, Mau... ISBN: 9780813531090 List Price: $24.95
Can Liberal Pluralism Be Exported? Western Political Theory and Ethnic Relations in Eastern ... by Kymlicka, Will, Opalski, Magda ISBN: 9780199240630 List Price: $135.00
Cultural Diversity A Primer for the Human Services by Diller, Jerry V. ISBN: 9780534522216 List Price: $45.95
Understanding Race and Ethnic Relations by Parrillo, Vincent N. ISBN: 9780205349661 List Price: $37.00
American Cultural Pluralism And Law by Norgren, Jill, Nanda, Serena ISBN: 9780275986926 List Price: $97.95
Ferguson Career Resource Guide for Women And Minorities Career Resource Guide for Women And ... by College and Career Press Staff ISBN: 9780816061303 List Price: $150.00
Complicating Categories Gender, Class, Race and Ethnicity by Boris, Eileen, Janssens, An... ISBN: 9780521786416 List Price: $38.99
Getting into Medical School: A Planning Guide for Minority Students by James, Edward, Hamilton, Ka... ISBN: 9780941406512 List Price: $15.95
Minorities in Amer.society by Marden, Charles Frederick ISBN: 9780060442156 List Price: $47.18
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