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Stubborn Twig: Three Generations in the Life of a Japanese American Family by Kessler, Lauren ISBN: 9780870714177 List Price: $18.95
On Becoming Filipino Selected Writings of Carlos Bulosan by Juan, E. San, Jr. ISBN: 9781566393102 List Price: $29.95
Through Harsh Winters The Life of a Japanese by Kikumura, Akemi ISBN: 9780883165430 List Price: $12.95
Changes and Conflicts Korean Immigrant Families in New York by Min, Pyong Gap, Foner, Nancy ISBN: 9780205274550 List Price: $34.00
Asian American Panethnicity Bridging Institutions and Identities by Espiritu, Yen Le ISBN: 9781566390965 List Price: $26.95
Asian Americans Experiences and Perspectives by Fong, Timothy P., Shinagawa... ISBN: 9780137429660 List Price: $64.80
Contemporary Asian American Experience Beyond the Model Minority by Fong, Timothy P. ISBN: 9780130918345 List Price: $58.60
The Force of Domesticity: Filipina Migrants and Globalization by Parrenas, Rhacel Salazar ISBN: 9780814767351 List Price: $22.00
Promises Kept The Life of an Issei Man by Kikumura, Akemi ISBN: 9780883165621 List Price: $9.95
Filipino American Lives by Espiritu, Yen Le ISBN: 9781566393171 List Price: $25.95
Asian Americans Emerging Minorities by Kitano, Harry H. L., Daniel... ISBN: 9780137904860 List Price: $56.00
To Save China, to Save Ourselves The Chinese Hand Laundry Alliance of New York by Yu, Renqiu ISBN: 9781566393959 List Price: $26.95
Atlas of Asian-American History by Avakian, Monique ISBN: 9780816041282 List Price: $24.95
Culture of Health Asian Communities in the United States by Ma, Grace Xueqin ISBN: 9780897896252 List Price: $105.00
Asian Voices Asian and Asian American Health Educators Speak Out by Zhan, Lin ISBN: 9780763709228 List Price: $47.95
Chinese and Japanese Americans by Melendy, H. Brett ISBN: 9780882549019 List Price: $7.95
Contemporary Asian America A Multidisciplinary Reader by Zhou, Min, Gatewood, James V. ISBN: 9780814797136 List Price: $30.00
Asian American Issues by Danico, Mary Yu, Ng, Franklin ISBN: 9780313319655 List Price: $46.95
Japanese American Ethnicity: The Persistence of Community by Fugita, Stephen S., O'Brien... ISBN: 9780295970530 List Price: $30.00
Contemporary Asian American Experience Beyond the Model Minority by Fong, Timothy P. ISBN: 9780133627817 List Price: $38.40
Japanese American History: An A-to-Z Reference from 1868 to the Present by Japanese-American National ... ISBN: 9780816026807 List Price: $50.00
Model Minority Myth Revisited by Li, Guofang, Wang, Lihshing ISBN: 9781593119508
Asian American Movement by Wei, William ISBN: 9781566391832 List Price: $29.95
Model Minority Myth Revisited by Li, Guofang, Wang, Lihshing ISBN: 9781593119515
Jacl in Quest of Justice by Hosokawa, Bill ISBN: 9780688009946 List Price: $15.50
China Connection Finding Ancestral Roots for Chinese in America by Chooey Low, Jeanie W. ISBN: 9780963883513 List Price: $11.95
Atlas of Asian-American History by Avakian, Monique ISBN: 9780816036998 List Price: $85.00
Asian American Chronology: Chronologies of the American Mosaic by Zhao, Xiaojian ISBN: 9780313348754 List Price: $85.00
Chinese Women of America: A Pictorial History by Yung, Judy ISBN: 9780295963570 List Price: $24.95
16 Etraordinary Asian Americans by Lobb, Nancy ISBN: 9780825162800 List Price: $25.00
Force of Domesticity: Filipina Migrants and Globalization by ParreƱas, Rhacel ISBN: 9780814767344 List Price: $70.00
Asian Americans: The Emerging Minority - Harry H. L. Kitano - Paperback by Kitano, Harry H., Daniels, ... ISBN: 9780130491640 List Price: $30.20
Chinese Women of America:pictorial Hist by Yung, Judy ISBN: 9780295963587 List Price: $16.95
Roots An Asian American Reader by Tachiki, Amy ISBN: 9780934052061 List Price: $15.00
State of Asian America by Hing, Bill Ong, Lee, Ronald ISBN: 9780934052269 List Price: $15.00
Integrating Language and Learning for Inclusion An Asian/Pacific Focus by Cheng, Li-Rong L. ISBN: 9781565934511 List Price: $45.00
Entry Denied by Chan, Sucheng ISBN: 9781566392013 List Price: $24.95
Counterpoint Perspectives on Asian America by Gee, Emma ISBN: 9780934052030 List Price: $19.95
Planted in Good Soil : A History of the Issei in United States Agriculture I by Iwata, Mazakazu ISBN: 9780820410630 List Price: $45.00
Asian Americans in the West by Guo, Zibin ISBN: 9781851098774 List Price: $65.00
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