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Central Asia in Antiquity : Interdisciplinary Approaches by Antela Bern�rdez, Borja, Vi... ISBN: 9781407313115
Sign Catalog : Glyphs in Selected Text-Like Layouts at Teotihuacan by Michel de Guerrero, Joanne E. ISBN: 9781407313122
Landscape and Identity : Archaeology and Human Geography by Springs, Kurt D., North Ame... ISBN: 9781407313603
Miscellania : Theory, Rock Art and Heritage by Oosterbeek, Luiz, Fidalgo, ... ISBN: 9781407313016
Archaeology, Societies and Environments in Africa by Oosterbeek, Lu�s, Camara, A... ISBN: 9781407312972
Technology and Experimentation in Archaeology by Cura, Sara ISBN: 9781407312996
Dislocation of the Roman Army in Raetia by Farkas, Istv�n Gergo ISBN: 9781407313788
Arqueolog�a de la Cuenca Del R�o Saja (Cantabria) by Mu�oz Fern�ndez, Emilio, Ru... ISBN: 9781407313962
Curated Decay : Heritage Beyond Saving by DeSilvey, Caitlin ISBN: 9780816694389
Curated Decay : Heritage Beyond Saving by DeSilvey, Caitlin ISBN: 9780816694365
Art, Artefacts and Chronology in Classical Archaeology by Biers, William R. ISBN: 9781138177956
Five Yrs Exploration at Thebes by H_CARTER ISBN: 9781138974364
Seventy Years in Archaeology by Petrie ISBN: 9781138996069
Ancient Mexico : Cultural Traditions in the Land of the Feathered Serpent by Lathrop, Jacqueline P. ISBN: 9781524911706 List Price: $94.00
Archaeology and Digital Communication : Towards Strategies of Public Engagement by Bonacchi, Chiara ISBN: 9781904982777 List Price: $55.00
Good Practice in Archaeological Diagnostics : Non-Invasive Survey of Complex Archaeological ... by Corsi, Cristina, Slap Ak, B... ISBN: 9783319345284 List Price: $179.00
Clothes Make the Man by BRANDENBURGH ISBN: 9789087282608
Archaeology of Syria Antiq to Islam by Kennedy ISBN: 9780415331890
Conquest of Assyria : Excavations in an Antique Land by Larsen, Mogens Trolle ISBN: 9781138991620
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