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Self-help books are written with the objective of empowering the reader in order to enable him/her to improve him/herself. These books often help people to cope with grief, to maintain optimism, to develop skills crucial to success and even to deal with debilitating issues such as depression and substance abuse. Self-help textbooks enable readers to enact self-improvement.

Motivation, Excellence and Success
These types of books aim to instill positivity in their readers by establishing personal principles that allow them to excel in their chosen field. These books might take a general route towards living a fulfilling and successful life or else they might be intended for different audiences: students, new parents, business professionals, etc. Some titles include:

  • Psychology of Success by Denis Waitley
  • Excelling in College by Jeffrey Kottler
  • Understanding Motivation and Emotion by Johnmarshall Reeve

Stress Management
Everybody suffers from stress at some point or the other; however, stress becomes a major problem when everyday activities become cumbersome. These activities may include a person's occupation, family or other potential stress triggers. The following books may help you overcome stress so that you may work to live a content and balanced life:

  • Comprehensive Stress Management by Jerrold S. Greenberg
  • Controlling Stress and Tension by Daniel Girdano and George Everly
  • Kicking Your Stress Habits: A Do-it-yourself Guide for Coping with Stress by Donald A. Tubesing

Overcoming Substance Abuse
Overcoming substance abuse can prove a tough task, requiring nerves of steel. The following might help you conquer your habit:

  • Treating Addictive Behaviors by William R. Miller and Nick Heather
  • Tobacco, Alcohol and Drugs: Choosing Health by Susan C. Giarratano

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ACHIEVING LIFE and CAREER SUCCESS PLAN by Sobotka, Dennis J. ISBN: 9780996908344 List Price: $14.95
This Chair Rocks : A Manifesto Against Ageism by Applewhite, Ashton ISBN: 9780996934701 List Price: $19.95
Crone's List Companion Journal by Ries, Sheralynn ISBN: 9780996886512 List Price: $7.99
7 Steps to Flawless Communication (Japanese) by Thomas, Kass ISBN: 9780996903950 List Price: $12.00
Enjoy Your Journey-Ten Bedrock Truths to Improve Everything about You by Hendrickson, Everett "Bud" ISBN: 9780996794633 List Price: $19.95
Enjoy Your Journey-Ten Bedrock Truths to Improve Everything about You by Hendrickson, Everett "Bud" ISBN: 9780996794626 List Price: $24.95
What If? : I Harmed My Children by Johnson, Kelly Cs ISBN: 9780996827140 List Price: $19.95
Path of Gratitude Coloring Book by Thelen, Tara, Perdue, Deborah ISBN: 9780996756549
New Bottom : Turning the Other Cheek by Roth, Tammy ISBN: 9780996787819 List Price: $12.99
High Bottom : Letting Go of Vodka and Chardonnay by Roth, Tammy ISBN: 9780996787833 List Price: $10.99
Key's Companion Meditation Journal : Volume 1 by Lentsch, Ellen, Lentsch, Ellen ISBN: 9780996775601 List Price: $15.95
Maybe Swearing Will Help : Adult Coloring Book by Nyx Spectrum ISBN: 9780996764131
More Than a Body : The Apryl Michelle Brown Story by Brown, Apryl Michelle, Garr... ISBN: 9780996716284 List Price: $14.95
Dear God, Am I Important? by Bremyer, Jayne ISBN: 9780944996362 List Price: $5.00
Dear God, Why Am I Still Here? by Bremyer, Jayne ISBN: 9780944996355 List Price: $10.00
Unlacing the Heart : Queries for Personal and Spiritual Reflection by Saxton, Colin, Freeman, Hnery ISBN: 9780944350904 List Price: $7.00
Awaken Your Inner Masterpiece by Pineno, Martha, Pineno, Mar... ISBN: 9780972189705 List Price: $7.87
Audacity of Marriage : 4 Pillars of Life-Long Partnership by Pettiford, Hasani, Pettifor... ISBN: 9780970791528 List Price: $16.95
Journey into Love : Ten Steps to Wholeness by Comstock, Kani, Thame, Marisa ISBN: 9780967918693 List Price: $12.95
Journey Within by Unknown ISBN: 9780965593342
Loss and Change : Revised Edition by Marris, Peter ISBN: 9781138800571
How to Live a No Limits Life by Everett, Scott ISBN: 9780997369403 List Price: $10.00
Book about Relationships : The Rules We Ignore by Mitchell, Bryant, Sr., Chas... ISBN: 9780997367805 List Price: $17.95
I Have a Voice by Williams, Tyler ISBN: 9780997380804 List Price: $14.99
Storms, a Wretched Life : A Rebirth Story by Davis, Glennae ISBN: 9780997349504 List Price: $19.95
Will of Heroes : The Proven Path to Greatness That Anyone Can Follow by Robertson, Colin ISBN: 9780997363111 List Price: $24.99
Bona5d Bits : Where Inspiration and Intellect Collide with Your Finances by McCoy, Pamala L., McCoy, Pa... ISBN: 9780997337709 List Price: $20.00
Geometry of Success : The Automation of Achievement by Stevens, Clay ISBN: 9780997337600 List Price: $8.99
Miss Independent Overrated by Tia Maria ISBN: 9780997336405 List Price: $15.00
Ride or Die Chicks 4 Christ : Real or Perpetrating? by Davis-Highdale, Sybil, Davi... ISBN: 9780997339802 List Price: $10.99
Colorear para el Alma : 30 D�as de Afirmaciones Positivas y Colorear Divertido by Blair, Joanne ISBN: 9780997342703 List Price: $7.00
M. A. Q. Book : Maximum Achievement Quote Book by McCullough, Darnell, Cazena... ISBN: 9780997345209 List Price: $11.99
Make Money the New Fashion Way : This Revolution Will Not Be Televised by Rapacious Dimenphetic Inc ISBN: 9780997344509 List Price: $9.99
Chambermaid's Style Guide : Poems by Angelique Palmer by Palmer, Angelique, Gallant,... ISBN: 9780997343915 List Price: $15.00
Been There : Life Lessons from Parents of Addicted Children by Ratzlaff, Marilyn, Branum, ... ISBN: 9780997343717
Be a Master of Maximum Healing by Kousouli, Theodoros ISBN: 9780997328561 List Price: $24.95
Journey to Authenticity : 8 Secrets to Getting the Life You Desire by Jones, MItchell, Burks, Ton... ISBN: 9780997329902 List Price: $19.99
Be a Master of Psychic Energy by Kousouli, Theodoros ISBN: 9780997328530 List Price: $24.95
Be a Master of Sex Energy by Kousouli, Theodoros ISBN: 9780997328509 List Price: $24.95
Life Changing Gratitude : Your Shortcut to Authentic Happiness by Blohowiak, Matt, Blohowiak,... ISBN: 9780997315806 List Price: $14.95
Marriage Essentials : Focus on What Really Matters by Allan, Corey ISBN: 9780997324112 List Price: $7.99
Simple Marriage Field Guide : The Path to Experiencing More in Marriage and Life by Allan, Corey ISBN: 9780997324105 List Price: $9.99
Divorced Does Not Equal Damaged by Council, Miss, Latalladi, A... ISBN: 9780997324907 List Price: $17.99
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