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Would you like to buy cheap handwriting analysis textbooks so you can understand what we reveal of ourselves through our writing? This is a hugely fascinating topic to study, and we make it possible to buy or rent used handwriting analysis textbooks that will suit your budget. Look for such titles as ABC's of Handwriting Analysis; Scientific Aspects of Graphology: A Handbook; Character and Handwriting Recognition: Expanding Frontiers; and Complete A to Z Graphology Reference. We stock many other affordable titles as well, so feel free to browse our selection of discounted text books that could help you complete your college course today. We buy back handwriting analysis books too, using our buyback service to ensure we get the books we need - and that you do as well. With dozens of titles to choose from and lots of opportunities to learn all about this type of analysis, we can provide you with the books you need.

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Hand Writing by Zaner ISBN: 9780880851626 List Price: $9.93
Guide to Self-Published Papers in Graphology 1979 by McLaughlin, Nancy ISBN: 9781877772085 List Price: $5.95
Graphology Workbook : A Complete Guide to Interpreting Handwriting by Gullan-Whur, Margaret ISBN: 9780809570539 List Price: $26.95
Handwriting Analysts' Companion by Karohs, Erika M. ISBN: 9780976762287 List Price: $99.00
ABCs of Handwriting Analysis - Claude Santoy by Santoy, Claude ISBN: 9781569248898
2006 Comprehensive Handwriting Analysis Course by Karohs, Erika M. ISBN: 9780976762263 List Price: $997.00
Beginners' Diploma Course of Handwriting Analysis by Karohs, Erika M. ISBN: 9780976762232 List Price: $89.00
Complete a to Z Graphology Reference by Paxton, Janis ISBN: 9781600213649 List Price: $89.00
Handwriting 1 by Zaner ISBN: 9780880851619 List Price: $9.93
Kudrun : Die Handschrift by Bauml, Franz H. ISBN: 9783110003765
Guide to Self-Published Papers by Smith, Willa ISBN: 9781877772023 List Price: $6.95
Study in Handwriting Analysis by Wolfson, Rose ISBN: 9780598908001 List Price: $36.90
Experiments with Handwriting by Saudek, Robert ISBN: 9780608329338 List Price: $122.50
Graphology by Simpson, Diane ISBN: 9780715808146 List Price: $60.00
Manual for Graphological Researchers by Smith, Willa ISBN: 9781877772016 List Price: $6.95
International Bibliography of Graphological Journal Articles, 1968-1988 by Wellingham-Jones, Patricia,... ISBN: 9781877772061 List Price: $24.95
Correspondence Analysis in Practice by Greenacre, Michael J. ISBN: 9781420011234
Handwriting Identification : Facts and Fundamentals by Huber, Roy A., Headrick, A. M. ISBN: 9781420048773
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