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Many people like the idea of self help, and our website has a large self help section you can use to try and find text books to assist with your individual needs. Here you can buy cheap affirmations textbooks to help you in this particular area. we stock titles such as Possibilities II: Stories from the Heart that Feed the Mind!, and Best is Yet to Come: Messages of Hope and Inspiration. We can offer discounted prices on every text book we sell, giving you the chance to get the cheapest prices for pre-owned copies of all kinds. Valore Books is also famous for the ability it gives you to sell your affirmations books back to us, so you can earn money as well as saving it. With so many perks to using our site, it becomes easier than ever to buy or rent used affirmations textbooks for your every need.

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Possibilities II: Stories from the Heart, That Feed the Mind! by Magee, Jeff, Magee, Jeff ISBN: 9780964124066 List Price: $12.95
Best Is yet to Come : Messages of Hope and Inspiration by White, Dorothy A. ISBN: 9780970087126 List Price: $14.95
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