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Science has helped the world go round, as we try to understand how things come about and where we are headed. The process of knowing has been full of surprises that have included Benjamin Franklin testing the guiles of lightening, Einstein discovering relativity, Moseley defining the atomic number, Salk brewing up the first polio vaccine, and Hubble's research that revealed the universe continues to expand. All of these findings and more can be found within the numerous Science textbooks in our online store. The science of saving money can be yours when you buy used textbooks and have them shipped directly to your home. Just imagine how amazed Einstein would be today if he were to experience the power of the Internet. He'd probably decide to buy lots of cheap college textbooks to catch up on all that has happened over the years. To find the right Science textbooks for your classes, we invite you to search by book title, author and/or ISBN number. Make sure that you look closely at your course syllabus to assure that the edition you have chosen is the correct one. You'll be thrilled when your college textbooks are delivered in perfect condition, ready to fill your mind with scientific wisdom!

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Modern Physics and Technology for Undergraduates by Folan, Lorcan M., TSifrinov... ISBN: 9789814723350
Handbook of Contemporary Acoustics and Its Applications : In 2 Volumes: Volume 1: Fundamenta... by Wu, Junru, Cheng, Jian-Chun ISBN: 9789814651271 List Price: $495.00
Commercial Use of Biodiversity : Resolving the Access and Benefit Sharing Issues by Srivastava, Shivendu K. ISBN: 9789351506607 List Price: $65.00
Vegetation of Australian Riverine Landscapes : Biology, Ecology and Management by Capon, Samantha, James, Cas... ISBN: 9780643096318
Maritime Environmental Management : Principles and Practice by Gallagher, Anthony W. ISBN: 9780415853859
Maritime Environmental Management : Principles and Practice by Gallagher, Anthony W. ISBN: 9780415853866
My Encyclopedia of Baby Animals by Figueras, Emmanuelle ISBN: 9780531225950 List Price: $22.00
My Encyclopedia of Baby Animals by Figueras, Emmanuelle ISBN: 9780531224717 List Price: $34.00
Birth of the Anthropocene by Davies, Jeremy ISBN: 9780520289987
John Stewart Bell and Twentieth Century Physics : Vision and Integrity by Whitaker, Andrew ISBN: 9780198742999 List Price: $44.95
Physics of Solids by Ketterson, John B. ISBN: 9780198742906 List Price: $89.95
From Molecules to Living Organisms: an Interplay Between Biology and Physics by Pebay-Peyroula, Eva, Nury, ... ISBN: 9780198752950 List Price: $69.95
Quantum Physics - A First Encounter : Interference, Entanglement, and Reality by Scarani, Valerio ISBN: 9780198766414 List Price: $24.95
Horticultural Statistics at a Glance 2015 by Ministry of Agriculture & F... ISBN: 9780199466726 List Price: $44.95
Strongly Interacting Quantum Systems Out of Equilibrium : Lecture Notes of the les Houches S... by Giamarchi, Thierry, Millis,... ISBN: 9780198768166 List Price: $69.95
Plant Evolution : An Introduction to the History of Life by Niklas, Karl J. ISBN: 9780226342009
Debating Climate Ethics by Gardiner, Stephen M., Weisb... ISBN: 9780199996476 List Price: $99.00
Debating Climate Ethics by Gardiner, Stephen M., Weisb... ISBN: 9780199996483 List Price: $24.95
Study Guide for Anatomy and Physiology by Marieb, Elaine N., Hoehn, K... ISBN: 9780134388038 List Price: $68.40
Anatomy and Physiology : Brief Atlas and Quick Guide for Anatomy and Physiology by Patton, Kevin T., Thibodeau... ISBN: 9780323327084
Medical Physiology by Boron, Walter F., Boulpaep,... ISBN: 9780323319737
Trailblazers: 33 Women in Science Who Changed the World by Swaby, Rachel ISBN: 9780399553967
Forecasting the Future : Exploring Evidence for Global Climate Change by California Department of Ed... ISBN: 9780801115332
Development of the Human Dentition by Linden, Frans P. G M. van der ISBN: 9780867157253
Moon Manual by Harland, David M. ISBN: 9780857338266
Botany of Empire in the Long Eighteenth Century by Batsaki, Yota, Cahalan, Sar... ISBN: 9780884024163
Ohio's Hidden Wonders : A Guide to the Animals and Plants of Vernal Pools by Elvey, Carrie, Gara, Brian,... ISBN: 9780692644621
Weir and Abrahams' Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy by Spratt, Jonathan D., Salkow... ISBN: 9780723438267 List Price: $72.99
Weir and Abrahams' Imaging Atlas of Human Anatomy by Spratt, Jonathan D., Salkow... ISBN: 9780723438229
Proceedings of the 23rd Working Meeting of the Crocodile Specialist Group : 2014 by Merchant, Mark ISBN: 9780692651735 List Price: $40.00
New Creation by Johns, Warren LeRoi ISBN: 9780979095825 List Price: $19.95
Yes Virginia, Quantum Mechanics Can Be Understood by Wallace, John P., Wallace, ... ISBN: 9780984824847 List Price: $14.95
Human Game : Create and Eternal Identity by Tychonievich, Dave ISBN: 9780988297012 List Price: $21.00
Protozoa; a Poseidon Adventure : Student Booklet by McHenry, Ellen ISBN: 9780988780866 List Price: $8.95
Protozoa; a Poseidon Adventure! : A Poseidon Adventure by McHenry, Ellen, McHenry, Ellen ISBN: 9780988780859 List Price: $24.95
Ziff, Magic Goggles, and Golden Plates : The Etymology of Zyf and a Metallurgical Analysis o... by Grover, Jerry D., Jr. ISBN: 9780986318955 List Price: $29.99
FoodMASTER Middle Grades : Grades 6-8 by Carraway-Stage, Virginia, W... ISBN: 9780986369148
National Parks of Costa Rica by Basco, Gregory, Kazmier, Robin ISBN: 9780989440806
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