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Semiconductor Optical Modulators by Wakita, Koichi ISBN: 9781461377818 List Price: $231.00
Applications of Sonography in Head and Neck Pathology by Weill, F., Baert, L., Reed-... ISBN: 9783642629907 List Price: $99.00
Gravitational Lensing : Proceedings of a Workshop Held in Toulouse, France September 13-15 1989 by Mellier, Yannick, Fort, Ber... ISBN: 9783662137833 List Price: $99.00
Resummation of Divergent Perturbation Series Introduction to Theory and Guide to Practical A... by Janke, W., Kleinert, Hagen ISBN: 9789810201982 List Price: $44.00
YAG-Er3 Plus Lasers by Murina, T. M. ISBN: 9780941743822 List Price: $144.00
Dirac Kets, Gamow Vectors and Gel'fand Triplets : The Rigged Hilbert Space Formulation of Qu... by Bohm, Arno, Bohm, Arno, Dol... ISBN: 9783662137512 List Price: $99.00
Coherence and Quantum Optics V : Proceedings of the Fifth Rochester Conference on Coherence ... by Mandel, Leonard, Wolf, Emil ISBN: 9781475706079 List Price: $99.00
Quantum Electrodynamics of Strong Fields by Hold, Greiner W. ISBN: 9781489921413 List Price: $419.00
Materials and Apparatus in Quantum Radiophysics by Basov, N. G. ISBN: 9781475757903 List Price: $99.00
Spectral Methods in Infinite-Dimensional Analysis by Berezansky, Yu. M., Malyshe... ISBN: 9789401042277 List Price: $179.00
International Conference on High Energy Physics/ International Union of Pure and Applied Phy... by Kotthaus, Rainer, Kuehn, Jo... ISBN: 9783642741388 List Price: $99.00
Dimensional Reduction of Gauge Theories, Spontaneous Compactification and Model Building by Kubyshin, Yura A., Mourao, ... ISBN: 9783662137536 List Price: $99.00
Electron Transport in Quantum Dots by Bird, Jonathan P. ISBN: 9781461350767 List Price: $447.00
Lectures on QCD : Foundations by Lenz, Frieder, Grie�hammer,... ISBN: 9783662141243 List Price: $99.00
Coherence and Quantum Optics VII : Proceedings of the Seventh Rochester Conference on Cohere... by Eberly, J. H., Mandel, L., ... ISBN: 9781475797442 List Price: $297.00
Condensed Matter Theories : Volume 1 by Malik, F. B. ISBN: 9781461567097 List Price: $99.00
Quantum Paths : Festschrift in Honor of Berge Englert on His 60th Birthday by Ng, Hui Khoon, Han, Rui ISBN: 9789814651837 List Price: $118.00
Nonlinear Quantum Mechanics and Its Applications by Feng, Pang Xiao ISBN: 9781611220117
Understanding Our Unseen Reality : Solving Quantum Riddles by Kastner, Ruth E. ISBN: 9781783266951
Understanding Our Unseen Reality : Solving Quantum Riddles by Kastner, Ruth E. ISBN: 9781783266463
Quantum Mechanics by Saleem, Mohammad ISBN: 9780750312073
Topics in Applied Quantum Electrodynamics by Urban, P. ISBN: 9783211809624 List Price: $99.00
Forces of the Quantum Vacuum : An Introduction to Casimir Physics by Lavenda, Bernard H. ISBN: 9789814632911
Surprising Quantum Bounces by Nesvizhevsky, Valery ISBN: 9781783265961
Surprising Quantum Bounces by Nesvizhevsky, Valery ISBN: 9781783265954
Quantum Electrodynamics : With Unstable Vacuum by Fradkin, E.S., Gitman, D.M.... ISBN: 9783540529354 List Price: $99.00
Integrated Quantum Hybrid Systems by Wolters, Janik ISBN: 9789814463829
Quantum Mechanics : A Complete Introduction by Zagoskin, Alexandre ISBN: 9781473602410
Group Theoretical Methods in Physics : International Colloquium Proceedings by Manko, V.I., Dodonov, V.V.,... ISBN: 9783540540403 List Price: $99.00
Diagonalizing Quadratic Bosonic Operators by Non-Autonomous Flow Equations by Bach, Volker, Bru, Jean-Ber... ISBN: 9781470417055 List Price: $83.00
Quantum Physics - A First Encounter : Interference, Entanglement, and Reality by Scarani, Valerio ISBN: 9780198766414 List Price: $24.95
Strongly Interacting Quantum Systems Out of Equilibrium : Lecture Notes of the les Houches S... by Giamarchi, Thierry, Millis,... ISBN: 9780198768166 List Price: $69.95
Quantum Groups by Doebner, H. D. ISBN: 9783540535034 List Price: $99.00
Foundations of Quantum Mechanics I by Ludwig, G. ISBN: 9783540116837 List Price: $99.00
Atomistic Simulation of Quantum Transport in Nanoelectronic Devices by Zhu, Yu, Liu, Lei, Guo, Hong ISBN: 9789813141421
Quantum Nanochemistry : A Fully Algorithmic Approach by Putz, Mihai V. ISBN: 9781771881357
Quantum Nanochemistry : A Fully Algorithmic Approach by Putz, Mihai V. ISBN: 9781771881340
Quantum Nanochemistry : A Fully Algorithmic Approach by Putz, Mihai V. ISBN: 9781771881364
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