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Science, Order and Creativity by Bohm, David, Peat, F. David ISBN: 9781138174337
Taverns and Travelers : Inns of the Early Midwest by Yoder, Paton ISBN: 9780598231086 List Price: $79.40
Key to Whitehead's Process and Reality by Sherburne, Donald W. ISBN: 9780598543905 List Price: $84.40
Future of Scientific Practice : 'Bio-Techno-Logos' by Bertolaso, Marta ISBN: 9781138706422
Science and Beliefs : From Natural Philosophy to Natural Science, 1700-1900 by Knight, David M., Eddy, M. D. ISBN: 9781138258907
Neoliberalism and Technoscience : Critical Assessments by Yl�nen, Marja, Pellizzoni, ... ISBN: 9781138253766
Experiments, Animal Bodies and Human Values by Peggs, Key ISBN: 9781409425274
Chaotic Harmony : A Dialog about Physics, Complexity and Life by Sanayei, Ali, Rossler, Otto E. ISBN: 9783319361482 List Price: $129.00
Science, Technology and Society : New Directions by Webster, Andrew ISBN: 9780333510643
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