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Selective Reactions of Metal Activated Molecules by Werner, Helmut, Griesbeck, ... ISBN: 9783528064501 List Price: $70.00
Symmetry Through the Eyes of a Chemist by Hargittai, István, Hargitta... ISBN: 9780306448522 List Price: $109.00
Quantum Control Mathematical and Numerical Challenges CRM Workshop, October 6-11, 2002, Mon... by Bandrauk, Andre D., Delfour... ISBN: 9780821833308 List Price: $64.00
Quantum Dynamics of Submicron Structures by Kramer, Bernard J., Cerdeir... ISBN: 9780792334699 List Price: $489.00
Annexins : Molecular Structure to Cellular Function by Seaton, Barbara A. ISBN: 9783540606338 List Price: $117.00
Molecules in Physics, Chemistry and Biology by Maruani, J. ISBN: 9789027726179 List Price: $478.00
Vacuum Ultraviolet Photoionization and Photodissociation of Molecules and Clusters by Ng, Cheuk-Yiu ISBN: 9789810204310 List Price: $100.00
Molecular Modelling of High Tc Materials by Catlow, C. R. ISBN: 9782881249686
Spartan02 for Windows Tutorial and User's Guide by Unknown ISBN: 9781890661199 List Price: $35.00
Spartan'02 for Macintosh Tutorial and User's Guide by Unknown ISBN: 9781890661205 List Price: $35.00
Molecular Acoustics by Schaaffs, W. ISBN: 9780387038971 List Price: $456.95
Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology - Molecules and Radica... by Dohrmann, J. K., Scaiano, J... ISBN: 9780387136769 List Price: $1,125.00
Big Molecules by Milne, Jim ISBN: 9780435643027 List Price: $5.00
Rotational Dynamics of Small and Macromolecules : Proceedings of a Workshop, Held at the Zen... by Dorfm�ller, Thomas, Pecora, R. ISBN: 9783662136126 List Price: $99.00
HMO H�ckel Molecular Orbitals by Heilbronner, Edgar, Straub,... ISBN: 9783642490743 List Price: $99.00
Computer Simulated Molecular Models Material by Quirke ISBN: 9780750690928
High Molecular Compounds in Petroleum by Sergienko, S. R. ISBN: 9780706505573 List Price: $99.50
Chemical Modelling by Springborg, Michael, Joswig... ISBN: 9781782621157
Ion-Molecule Reactions by Franklin ISBN: 9780317641905
New Research on Molecular Chaperones by Wyatt, Jaime ISBN: 9781634835435 List Price: $110.00
Molecular Electronic-Structure Theory by Helgaker, Trygve, Jorgensen... ISBN: 9780470994351 List Price: $250.00
Single Molecule Fluorescence Spectroscopy of Biological Systems by Schuler, Benjamin ISBN: 9783527406326 List Price: $175.00
Beauty in Chemistry : Artistry in the Creation of New Molecules by Fabbrizzi, Luigi ISBN: 9783662520420 List Price: $299.00
Kinetic Theory of Gases by Knudsen, Martin Hans Christian ISBN: 9780598923820 List Price: $30.00
Valence and the Structure of Atoms and Molecules by Lewis, Gilbert Newton ISBN: 9780598985408 List Price: $53.40
Discovering and Developing Molecules with Optimal Drug-Like Properties by Templeton, Allen C., Byrn, ... ISBN: 9781493948604 List Price: $179.00
Molecular Modeling and Multiscaling Issues for Electronic Material Applications : Volume 2 by Wymyslowski, Artur, Iwamoto... ISBN: 9783319366661 List Price: $129.00
Specific Intermolecular Interactions of Element-Organic Compounds by Baev, Alexei K. ISBN: 9783319360331 List Price: $129.00
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