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Scientific Revolutions Primary Texts in the History of Science by Baigrie, Brian S. ISBN: 9780130990914 List Price: $62.20
History of Western Science by Alioto, Anthony M. ISBN: 9780133885132 List Price: $109.00
Knowledge and Power : Science in World History by Burns, William E. ISBN: 9780136155614
Science and the Enlightenment by Hankins, Thomas L., Basalla... ISBN: 9780521286190 List Price: $34.00
Conceptual Integrated Science - Practice Book by Hewitt, Paul G., Suchocki, ... ISBN: 9780805390391 List Price: $40.60
Science by Ronan, Colin A. ISBN: 9780871967459 List Price: $29.95
Natural Science in Western History by Gregory, Frederick ISBN: 9780618224104 List Price: $108.95
Scientific Achievement of the Middle Ages by Dales, Richard C. ISBN: 9780812210576 List Price: $19.95
Styles of Knowing: A New History of Science from Ancient Times to the Present by Kwa, Chunglin ISBN: 9780822961512 List Price: $27.95
The Essential Galileo by Galilei, Galileo, Finocchia... ISBN: 9780872209374 List Price: $13.95
In Science We Trust Moral and Political Issues of Science in Society by Elzinga, Aant, Nolin, Jan ISBN: 9789179661298 List Price: $29.50
Natural Science in Western History Volume 1 by Gregory, Frederick ISBN: 9780618224111 List Price: $79.95
Scenes of Inquiry On the Reality of Questions in the Sciences by Jardine, Nicholas ISBN: 9780198239352 List Price: $144.00
Marvels of Science 50 Fascinating 5-Minute Reads by Haven, Kendall F. ISBN: 9781563081590 List Price: $29.00
Natural Science in Western History Volume 2 by Gregory, Frederick ISBN: 9780618224128 List Price: $79.95
Uses of Science in the Age of Newton by Burke, John G. ISBN: 9780520049703 List Price: $39.95
Experiment, Right or Wrong by Franklin, Allan ISBN: 9780521382076 List Price: $104.00
Women Scientists in America : Forging a New World since 1972 by Rossiter, Margaret W. ISBN: 9781421403632 List Price: $45.00
Dappled World A Study of the Boundaries of Science by Cartwright, Nancy ISBN: 9780521644112 List Price: $37.99
Grand Contraption The World As Myth, Number and Chance by Park, David ISBN: 9780691130538 List Price: $24.95
Absolutism and the Scientific Revolution, 1600-1720 A Biographical Dictionary by Baker, Christopher ISBN: 9780313308277 List Price: $119.95
Dynamics of Science and Technology by Layton, E. T., Krohn, Wolfg... ISBN: 9789027708816 List Price: $95.00
Science and the Enlightenment - Thomas L. Hankins - Hardcover by Hankins, Thomas L. ISBN: 9780521243490 List Price: $34.50
Revolution in Science 1500-1750 by Hall, A. Rupert ISBN: 9780582491335 List Price: $62.40
Science in the Medieval World Book of the Categories of Nations by Al-Andalusi, Sa'id, Salem, ... ISBN: 9780292704695 List Price: $19.95
Rise of Early Modern Science Islam, China, and the West by Huff, Toby E. ISBN: 9780521529945 List Price: $37.99
Chronology of Science From Stonehenge to the Human Genome Project by Rosner, Lisa, Helicon Publi... ISBN: 9781576079546 List Price: $85.00
Science in the Enlightenment An Encyclopedia by Burns, William E. ISBN: 9781576078860 List Price: $85.00
Totalitarian Science and Technology by Josephson, Paul R. ISBN: 9780391039797 List Price: $39.95
Science in World History by Trefil, James ISBN: 9780415782555
Cambridge Companion to Newton by Cohen, I. Bernard, Smith, G... ISBN: 9780521656962 List Price: $34.99
Literary Structure of Scientific Argument Historical Studies by Dear, Peter ISBN: 9780812281859 List Price: $47.50
Scientific Revolution in National Context by Porter, Roy, Teich, Mikuls,... ISBN: 9780521396998 List Price: $48.00
Bright Paradise Victorian Scientific Travellers by Raby, Peter ISBN: 9780691048437 List Price: $29.95
The Scientific Revolution: A World History Companion by Burns, William E. ISBN: 9780874368758 List Price: $85.00
Social Dimensions of Science by McMullin, Ernan ISBN: 9780268017422 List Price: $23.00
Dynamics of Science and Technology by Layton, E. T., Krohn, Wolfg... ISBN: 9789027708809 List Price: $222.00
Crystals, Electrons, and Transistors From Scholar's Study to Industrial Research by Eckert, Michael, Schubert, ... ISBN: 9780883186220 List Price: $92.00
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