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We can provide you with more than a couple of hundred text books on the subject of climate change. In fact, if you want to buy cheap global warming and climate change textbooks, we can help you do just that. Your science course will be easier to understand when you get affordable text books to help you learn about this topic. From extreme weather to climates and how and when they change, we can provide you with all the books you'll need. Look for Earth's Climate, Our Changing Planet, Global Warming: Understanding the Forecast and The Politics of Climate Change - you'll find all these affordable and pre-owned titles in our collection, not to mention many others. Become an expert on this subject and make sure you can get the savings you want when you look for the cheapest ways to buy used global warming and climate change textbooks here today.

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Extreme Weather: Forty Years of the Tornado and Storm Research Organisation by Doe, Robert K. ISBN: 9781118949955 List Price: $110.00
Diabatic Aspects of ENSO by Sun, De-Zheng ISBN: 9783319001128 List Price: $159.00
Ethical Values and the Global Climate Integrity System by Breakey, Hugh, Maguire, Row... ISBN: 9781472469595 List Price: $124.95
Towards an Interdisciplinary Approach in Earth System Science : Advances of a Helmholtz Grad... by Lohmann, Gerrit, Meggers, H... ISBN: 9783319138664 List Price: $24.99
Understanding Climate Change Risks : Approaches for National, Regional and Sectoral Assessments by Wade, Steven, Townend, Ian,... ISBN: 9781783263677 List Price: $124.00
Transnational Climate Change Governance by Bulkeley, Harriet, Andonova... ISBN: 9781107676312
Climate Change : Mitigation: Summary for Policymakers and Technical Summary of the Working G... by Davidson, Ogunlade, Metz, Bert ISBN: 9780756737733 List Price: $25.00
Water Policy and Planning in a Variable Changing Climate by Miller, Kathleen A. ISBN: 9781482227970 List Price: $189.95
Fiduciary Duty and the Atmospheric Trust by Sampford, Charles, Coghill,... ISBN: 9781138245532
Climate of the Romanian Carpathians : Variability and Trends by Micu, Dana Magdalena, Dumit... ISBN: 9783319351971 List Price: $129.00
Processionary Moths and Climate Change: an Update by Roques, Alain ISBN: 9789402403749 List Price: $209.00
Implementing the Climate Regime : International Compliance by Stokke, Olav Schram, Hovi, ... ISBN: 9781138992405
Climate Hazard Crises in Asian Societies and Environments by Sternberg, Troy ISBN: 9781472446466
Environmental Ethics and Climate Change by Harris, P. G. ISBN: 9781783477135 List Price: $530.00
Climate, Change and Risk by Downing, Thomas, Olsthoorn,... ISBN: 9781138991415
Climate Change and the Sustainable Use of Water Resources by Leal Filho, Walter ISBN: 9783662520987 List Price: $279.00
Gendered Dynamics of Climate Change by Tuana, Nancy, Tschakert, Pe... ISBN: 9781780322094
Gendered Dynamics of Climate Change by Tuana, Nancy, Tschakert, Pe... ISBN: 9781780322100
Climate Change As Environmental and Economic Hazard by Porfiriev, Boris ISBN: 9781138970922
Environmental Change and the Social Response in the Amur River Basin by Haruyama, Shigeko, Shiraiwa... ISBN: 9784431564126 List Price: $129.00
Grounding Global Climate Change : Contributions from the Social and Cultural Sciences by Greschke, Heike M., Tischle... ISBN: 9789402403718 List Price: $129.00
Adapting African Agriculture to Climate Change : Transforming Rural Livelihoods by Leal Filho, Walter, Esilaba... ISBN: 9783319385921 List Price: $129.00
Land Use Impacts on Climate by Deng, Xiangzheng, Guneralp,... ISBN: 9783662514160 List Price: $179.00
Innovative Strategies and Frameworks in Climate Change Adaptation : Emerging Research and Op... by Flor, Alexander G., Flor, B... ISBN: 9781522527671 List Price: $165.00
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