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Studying Earth Science? Fasten your seat belts. You're about to soar into the heavens, dive into the deepest blue seas and delve into the stony depths beneath your feet. Best of all, you'll learn how our atmosphere, terra firma and oceans interact to form that delicate equation known as our environment. Unless you've been living under a rock, you know that there has been a disturbance in the force in terms of our world's natural resources. Sharpen your mental light saber, and become a master of geology, meteorology, astronomy and oceanography with Earth Science textbooks. Save the planet while you're at it. Whether you are buying new or used textbooks, you'll be flying high and digging deep into the study of our precious global home. Speaking of digging, you don't have to plumb the depths of your wallet to buy college text books. Cheap textbooks are right here, and you need not search above, below and beyond the boundaries of the globe to find them. With your Earth Science textbooks, you'll encounter a world that you've never truly seen before. You'll appreciate that world forever. There's a good chance that it will love you in return.

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Earth : Student Lecture Art Notebook - Stephen Marshak - Paperback by Marshak, Stephen ISBN: 9780393927818 List Price: $12.75
Investigations into Physical Geology A Laboratory Manual by Mazzullo, Jim ISBN: 9780030202940 List Price: $79.95
Applications and Investigations in Earth Science - Frederick K. Lutgens - Paperback - Older ... by Tarbuck, Edward J., Lutgens... ISBN: 9780135726600 List Price: $42.00
Geology An Introduction to Physical Geology by Chernicoff, Stanley, Whitne... ISBN: 9780618118151 List Price: $189.95
Essentials of Geology by Lutgens, Frederick K., Tarb... ISBN: 9780130081575 List Price: $89.40
Applied Hydrogeology-w/3disk by Fetter, Charles W., Jr. ISBN: 9780023364907 List Price: $72.00
Study Guide for Diversity Amid Globalization: World Regions, Environment, Development by Rowntree, Lester, Obermeyer... ISBN: 9780321750914 List Price: $53.80
Historical Geology Understanding Our Planet's Past by Erickson, Jon ISBN: 9780816047260 List Price: $55.00
Global Hydrology Processes, Resources and Environmental Management by Jones, J. A. ISBN: 9780582098619 List Price: $46.00
Introduction to Geographic Field Methods and Techniques by Lounsbury, John F., Aldrich... ISBN: 9780675205092 List Price: $34.60
An Introduction to the World's Oceans with Online Learning Center (Olc) Password Card by Sverdrup, Keith A., Duxbury... ISBN: 9780072930764 List Price: $118.95
Applications & Investigations in Earth Science by Tarbuck, Edward J., Lutgens... ISBN: 9780130460950 List Price: $64.00
Books a la Carte for Foundations of Earth Science by Lutgens, Frederick K., Tarb... ISBN: 9780321706997 List Price: $96.87
The Air Around You by Snyder, Susan Leach, Zike, ... ISBN: 9780078778285
Devil in the Mountain A Search for the Origin of the Andes by Lamb, Simon, Hincks, Gary ISBN: 9780691126203 List Price: $22.95
Physical Geology Earth Revealed by McGeary, David, Plummer, Ch... ISBN: 9780072943481 List Price: $106.90
Explorer's Guide to the Earth System by Metzger, Ellen P. ISBN: 9780130933355 List Price: $22.80
Physical Hydrology-w/2-3disks by Dingman, Lawrence ISBN: 9780023297458 List Price: $100.00
Introduction to Scientific Research Methods in Geography and Environmental Studies by Montello, Daniel R., Sutton... ISBN: 9781446200742 List Price: $136.00
Soils, Land and Life by Buol, Stanley W., Buol, S. W. ISBN: 9780131914810 List Price: $65.80
Biogeochemistry by Schlesinger, William H. ISBN: 9780126251579 List Price: $49.00
Groundwater Residue Sampling Design by Nash, Ralph G., Leslie, Ann... ISBN: 9780841220911 List Price: $70.95
Dynamic Meteorology A Basic Course by Gordon, Adrian, Grace, Warw... ISBN: 9780340705926 List Price: $149.00
Earth Through Time by Levin, Harold L. ISBN: 9780030051678 List Price: $52.50
Climate and Global Environmental Change by Harvey, Danny ISBN: 9780582322615 List Price: $49.60
Groundwater Monitoring and Management through Hydrogeochemical Modeling Approach by Chidambaram, S., Srinivasam... ISBN: 9789380578163 List Price: $119.00
Geoscience Animation Library by Prentice Hall Staff ISBN: 9780321716842
Essentials of Oceanography by Trujillo, Alan P., Thurman,... ISBN: 9780132401227 List Price: $135.80
Introduction to Mineral Sciences by Putnis, Andrew ISBN: 9780521429474 List Price: $90.00
Foundations of Earth Science Updated With the Geode Earth Science Cd-Rom by Lutgens, Frederick K., Tarb... ISBN: 9780131461031 List Price: $86.00
Geography of Travel & Tourism by Hudman, Lloyd E., Jackson, ... ISBN: 9780766832565 List Price: $178.95
Study Guide t/a Realms, Regions and Concepts by de Blij, Harm J., Muller, P... ISBN: 9780470598283 List Price: $55.95
McKnight's Physical Geography : A Landscape Appreciation, Books a la Carte Edition by Hess, Darrel, Tasa, Dennis ISBN: 9780321874931 List Price: $121.87
Mathematical Modelling of Estuarine Physics by Suendermann, J., Holz, K. P. ISBN: 9780387097503 List Price: $249.00
Michigan Geography and Geology by SCHAETZL ISBN: 9780536987167 List Price: $119.33
Meteorology Today by Ahrens, C. Donald ISBN: 9780495011620 List Price: $162.95
Essentials of Meteorology An Invitation to the Atmosphere by Ahrens, C. Donald ISBN: 9780495114772 List Price: $138.95
Climatology An Atmospheric Science by Oliver, John E., Jr., Hidor... ISBN: 9780130922052 List Price: $101.00
Hazard City Assignments in Applied Geology by King, Hobart A., Carpenter,... ISBN: 9780131566828 List Price: $42.20
Essentials of Geology by Lutgens, Frederick K., Tarb... ISBN: 9780131497498 List Price: $110.40
The Blue Planet: An Introduction to Earth System Science by Skinner, Brian J., Porter, ... ISBN: 9780470556481 List Price: $87.95
Life in the Universe - Activities Manual by Offerdahl, Erika, Slater, T... ISBN: 9780805317121 List Price: $41.20
The Geography of Transport Systems by Rodrigue, Jean-Paul, Comtoi... ISBN: 9780415483247 List Price: $51.95
Deciphering Earth History A Laboratory Manual With Internet Exercises by Savrda, Charles, Gastaldo, ... ISBN: 9780898921816 List Price: $38.95
Hydrogeology by Davis, Stanley N. ISBN: 9780894646386 List Price: $69.95
Structural Geology Principles, Concepts, and Problems by Hatcher, Robert D. ISBN: 9780023557132 List Price: $116.80
People, Places and Change - Western - Holt, Rinehart and Winston Staf by Holt, Rinehart and Winston ... ISBN: 9780030536120 List Price: $111.93
Origin of Carbonate Rocks by James, Noel P., Jones, Brian ISBN: 9781118652732 List Price: $59.95
Origin of Carbonate Rocks by James, Noel P., Jones, Bria... ISBN: 9781118652701 List Price: $129.95
Gslib Geostatistical Software Library and User's Guide by Deutsch, Clayton V., Journe... ISBN: 9780195100150 List Price: $99.00
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