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The technically minded look at the world with a unique set of eyes. As children, they are unusually fascinated by gadgets and widgets, and to the dismay of their parents enjoy taking home appliances apart and putting them back together. And then lucky for us, as they turn into adults, they help innovate technologies that make our lives easier and more exciting. The non-technical mind looks at a car and sees a car, while the technician sees it as an intricate universe. Whether you are looking for Technical textbooks on computers, machinery, engineering principles, electrical engineering or hydraulics, we have used textbooks that will save you lots of dough. All you have to do is search our extensive catalog of Technical textbooks by title, author and/or ISBN and you are on your way to receiving cheap college textbooks delivered to your door. Before checking out, make sure that you match up the ISBN for your assigned books with the ISBNs in our college textbook database. Don't get caught in the trap of buying expensive books at your college bookstore or waiting in never-ending lines. Technically, you'll be doing you and your pocket book a favor by purchases college textbooks online. Our Technical textbooks are in great condition and customer service is top-quality!

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Polymers, Paint, Colour Yearbook by FMJ Intl. Publ. Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780785549383
Pigments for Inkmakers by FMJ Intl. Publ. Ltd. Staff ISBN: 9780785549246
Arms, Ammunitions and Explosives by Gaur, A. N. ISBN: 9780785553434 List Price: $95.00
Law Relating to Arms, Ammunition and Explosives, 1985 : With Supplement by Gaur, A. N., Malik, K. K. ISBN: 9780785556435 List Price: $125.00
Chemistry of Solid Wood by Rowell, Roger M. ISBN: 9780785568742
Theory of Combustion of Powder and Explosives by Lipanov, Aleksei M. ISBN: 9780614218091 List Price: $89.00
Corrosion and Corrosion Control : English-German - German-English by Dresden Institute of Techno... ISBN: 9783861170099 List Price: $98.00
Technical Chemistry : From Theory to Praxis by Valtsifer, A. Viktor ISBN: 9781443833417
Spa Projects You Can Make and Share by Bolte, Mari, Franco, Paula ISBN: 9781491417362
Mariners and Merchants : A Study of the Ceramics from Sanjan (Gujarat) by Nanji, Rukshana J, Gupta, S... ISBN: 9781407307930
Multiscale Molecular Methods in Applied Chemistry by Kirchner, Barbara, Vrabec, ... ISBN: 9783642270581 List Price: $349.00
Ceramic Change and the Maya Collapse by Howie, Linda ISBN: 9781407309637
Science Now : Metals and Corrosion by McDuell, B. ISBN: 9780748702114
Cleaning National Parks : Using Environmentally Preferable Janitorial Products at Yellowston... by Wakefield, Sophia, Ferre, A... ISBN: 9780756719074 List Price: $20.00
Liquid Crystal Elastomers by Warner, Mark, Terentjev, Eu... ISBN: 9780521554442
Containing the Threat from Illegal Bombings : An Integrated National Strategy for Marking, T... by National Research Council S... ISBN: 9780309059909 List Price: $39.00
High Performance Ceramics by Subba Rao, R. V. ISBN: 9780317895353
Introduction to Bioenergy by Halford, Nigel G. ISBN: 9781783266234
Biochar for Environmental Management : Science, Technology and Implementation by Lehmann, Johannes, Joseph, ... ISBN: 9780415704151
Chemical Processes for a Sustainable Future by Letcher, Trevor, Scott, Jan... ISBN: 9781849739757
Anarchist Cookbook by Powell, William F. ISBN: 9780818400032
Catalytic Hydrogenation for Biomass Conversion by Murzin, Dmitry, Sels, Bert,... ISBN: 9781849738019
Smallscale Rural Biogas Programmes : A Handbook by Fulford, David ISBN: 9781853398506
Carbon Capture and Storage : Physical, Chemical, and Biological Methods by Surampalli, Rao Y., Environ... ISBN: 9780784413678
From Sugar Beet to Sugar by Owings, Lisa ISBN: 9781467761147
From Strawberry to Jam by Owings, Lisa ISBN: 9781467761109
Electrosynthesis From Laboratory to Pilot to Production by Genders, J. David, Pletcher... ISBN: 9780962970801 List Price: $50.00
Design Characterization And Selection of Corrosion, Resist by Unknown ISBN: 9781574447460 List Price: $139.95
Industrial Ceramics by Singer, F. ISBN: 9789401752596 List Price: $99.00
Predictive Process Control of Crowded Particulate Suspensions : Applied to Ceramic Manufactu... by Funk, James E., Dinger, Dennis ISBN: 9781461363644 List Price: $723.00
Ceramic Powder Preparation: a Handbook by Ganguli, Dibyendu, Chatterj... ISBN: 9781461379034 List Price: $293.00
New Developments in Polylactic Acid Research by Winthrop, Courtney ISBN: 9781634630542
Practice of Flash Point Determination : A Laboratory Resource by Montemayor, Rey G. ISBN: 9780803170407
How Harmful Are Fossil Fuels? by Chambers, Catherine ISBN: 9781484609972
Advanced Structural Materials III by Balmori-Ram�rez, H., Academ... ISBN: 9780878494460 List Price: $135.00
From Sugar Beet to Sugar by Owings, Lisa ISBN: 9781467760201
Bio-MEMS and Medical Microdevices : 25-26 April 2013, Grenoble, France by Tserepi, Angeliki, Delgado-... ISBN: 9780819495624
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