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Rent used Jewish textbooks today and invest in one or more prayerbooks that will educate you on the subject of this religion. Valore Books stocks a wide range of affordable and discounted religious titles that touch on the Jewish faith. We have some here that will enter into a new area you may not have discovered before. You can buy the Beginner's Dictionary of Prayerbook Hebrew; Studies in Jewish Prayer, and Maaneh Lashon. Whatever title you are looking for Valore Books can provide discounted copies of pre-owned titles on this topic. Buy cheap Jewish textbooks now and find out more about Hebrew, prayer and many other aspects of this area of the Jewish faith. Make sure you get the cheapest deals thanks to the Valore Books website - our marketplace provides US students with superb deals every day of the week. We buy back Jewish books as well so don't hesitate to sell back if you want to.

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Maaneh Lashon by Unknown ISBN: 9780657109103 List Price: $29.00
Studies in Jewish Prayer (Studies in Judaism) by Zahavy, Tzvee ISBN: 9780819178374 List Price: $42.50
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