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If you are at college and studying various religions, you will eventually want to learn more about Islam. Here you can buy cheap rituals and practice textbooks on the subject of this particular religion, enabling you to learn more about it than you'd otherwise know. Valore Books specializes in pre-owned and affordable text books of all kinds, and this extends to books that fall into this particular subject matter. Look for titles including Living Islam; Islamist Rhetoric; and Ritual and Piety in Medieval Islamic Law to name just a few. We have other titles joining this section on a regular basis too, thanks to our buyback service. We make it possible for you to sell your rituals and practice books back when you are finished with them, so remember this if you ever want to sell back in the future. Valore Books offers all the best services to all college students in America.

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Ritual and Piety in Medieval Islamic Law by Reid, Megan H. ISBN: 9780521889599 List Price: $99.00
Living Islam by Ahmed, Akbar S. ISBN: 9780816031030 List Price: $24.95
Islamist Rhetoric by Hoigilt, Jacob ISBN: 9780415574402
Longing of the Soul by Brodbeck, Rabia Christine ISBN: 9781597843225
Womens Islam by Kamalkhani ISBN: 9781138869998
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