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If you want to buy cheap holidays textbooks to help support your religious studies at college, we can help. Valore Books stocks text books of all kinds including those that are related to holidays in different religions. Look for Christian, Christmas and Advent, Easter and Lent and Jewish related books so you can get the best prices and the best options for your needs. If you don't want to buy them outright, why not rent used holidays textbooks instead? Look for this option available on many of our books today. With titles such as Passover; Unwrapping Christmas; Navidad; and Israels Feasts and Their Fullness, you can see how diverse our affordable collection of text books actually is. Get discounted prices on a daily basis and make sure you opt for pre-owned books for the very best deals today. Sell back to us too if you own books you no longer require.

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Tiempo para Dios Adviento y Navidad by Liguori Publications Staff ISBN: 9780764823862
Halachah Highlights : A Practical Guide to the Jewish Holidays by Goldstein, Avraham ISBN: 9781568715520
Candy Canes and Christmastime by Kimball, Linda Hoffman ISBN: 9781462114634
Advent Conspiracy : Can Christmas Still Change the World? by McKinley, Rick, Seay, Chris... ISBN: 9780310823049 List Price: $11.99
Advent Adventure Activity Book 2014 : Nov 30 - Dec 24 2014 by Davison, Kenneth L., Jr., S... ISBN: 9781936330522 List Price: $9.95
Blessing of Waters and Epiphany : The Eastern Liturgical Tradition by Denysenko, Nicholas E. ISBN: 9781138109643
Purpose of Christmas by Warren, Rick ISBN: 9781501196959
Love Life Live Advent Adult and Youth Single Copy by Gooder, Paula, Babington, P... ISBN: 9780715147443
Life Calling : A 5-Session Course on Vocation for Lent by Warren, Robert, Bruce, Kate ISBN: 9780715147474
Easter Program Builder by Miller, Paul M. ISBN: 9780685686645 List Price: $4.50
Easter Program Builder by Miller, Paul M. ISBN: 9780685686669 List Price: $4.50
Easter Program Builder by Miller, Paul M. ISBN: 9780685686652 List Price: $4.50
Dethroning Mammon : Making Money Serve Grace by Welby, Justin ISBN: 9781472929778
God with Us (single Copy) : Your Christmas Journey by Kiddle, John, Welby, Justin ISBN: 9781781400661
From the Grave : A 40-Day Lent Devotional by Tozer, A. W. ISBN: 9780802495228 List Price: $9.59
Nineteen Day Feast Compilation by Unknown ISBN: 9780909991487 List Price: $4.25
Advent - 4th Sunday by Unknown ISBN: 9780687023974 List Price: $4.99
Advent : A Calendar of Devotions, 1998 by Huffman, Margaret A. ISBN: 9780687071203 List Price: $1.50
Advent 4th Sunday by Unknown ISBN: 9780687080878 List Price: $5.59
Christmas Around the World by Unknown ISBN: 9780687074334 List Price: $129.95
Path into Life : Reflections for Lent and Easter by Kasper, Walter ISBN: 9780809106561
Ultimate Christmas Cracker by Julius Norwich, John ISBN: 9781529324907
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