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Catholic Church and Soviet Russia, 1917-39 by Dunn, Dennis ISBN: 9781138219434
Pope Innocent II (1130-43) : The World vs the City by Doran, John, Smith, Damian J. ISBN: 9781472421098
Jesuits and Globalization by Banchoff ISBN: 9781626162860
On Prayer by Ilarion ISBN: 9780881415285
In Albania : Cross and Resurrection by Anastasios ISBN: 9780881415308
Kritische Theologie : Tillich in Frankfurt (1929-1933) by Schulz, Heiko, Schreiber, G... ISBN: 9783110441260
Priestly Celibacy : Theological Foundations by Selin, Gary ISBN: 9780813228419
Calvin, Salvation in Writing : A Confessional Academic Theology by Wright, William A. ISBN: 9789004292239
Religion and Society in the Diocese of St David's 1485-2011 by Gibson, William, Morgan-Guy... ISBN: 9781409447726
Sacred Selves Sacred Settings Reflecting Hans Mol by Davies, Douglas, Powell, Ad... ISBN: 9781472425263
Pfarrerbuch der Kirchenprovinz Sachsen 9 : Biogramme Tr - Z by Evangelische Verlagsanstalt ISBN: 9783374021369
Anglican Imagination Portraits and Sketches of Modern Anglican Theologians by Slocum, Robert Boak ISBN: 9781472447357 List Price: $104.95
Mormon Feminism : Essential Writings by Brooks, Joanna, Steenblik, ... ISBN: 9780190248031 List Price: $29.95
Church with Open Doors : Catholic Ecclesiology for the Third Millennium by Gaillardetz, Richard R. ISBN: 9780814683040
Liturgical Environment : What the Documents Say by Boyer, Mark G. ISBN: 9780814648575
One in Hope and Doctrine : Origins of Baptist Fundamentalism 1870-1950 by Bauder, Kevin T., Delnay, R... ISBN: 9781607766605
William of Saint-Thierry : The First Life of Bernard of Clairvaux by Costello, Hilary ISBN: 9780879071769 List Price: $29.95
Fighting Fundamentalist : Carl Mcintire and the Politicization of American Fundamentalism by Ruotsila, Markku ISBN: 9780199372997 List Price: $35.00
In the Logos of Love : Promise and Predicament in Catholic Intellectual Life by Heft, James L., Cadegan, Un... ISBN: 9780190280048 List Price: $35.00
Bar Hebraeus the Ecclesiastical Chronicle by Wilmshurst, David ISBN: 9781463205355 List Price: $140.00
Practical Theology and Pierre-Andre Liege Radical Dominican and Vatican Ii Pioneer by Bradbury, Nicholas ISBN: 9781472418708 List Price: $109.95
Catholic Sacraments : A Rich Source of Blessing by Baldovin, John F. ISBN: 9780809149520
Doddridge and the Shaping of Evangelical Dissent by Strivens, Robert ISBN: 9781472440754
Mormon Church and Blacks : A Documentary History by Harris, Matthew L., Bringhu... ISBN: 9780252081217
Heinrich Maria Janssen : Bischof Von Hildesheim, 1957 Bis 1982 by Scharf-Wrede, Thomas ISBN: 9783795421496
Kierkegaard's Concept of Faith by Westphal, Merold ISBN: 9780802868060
Antipedo Baptists of Georgetown, South Carolina, 1710-2010 by Talbert Jr, Roy, Farish, Me... ISBN: 9781611174205 List Price: $34.95
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