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With several dozen books available in this particular section, college students looking into Christian theology will find their studies easier to grasp. You can buy cheap liberation textbooks today that will help develop your studies in a more affordable way. Look for Love in a Time of Hate: Liberation Psychology in Latin America; White Women's Christ and Black Women's Jesus: Feminist Christology and Womanist Response; and Introduction to Old Testament Wisdom: A Spirituality for Liberation. With so many titles to browse through - and all in pre-owned condition at affordable prices - it is easier to make your budget go further than before. College courses will be easier to plan for as you buy used liberation textbooks to help you learn more. We buy back liberation books as well, so get in touch if you want to get a good price on the text books you already have on your shelf.

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Liberation Theology at the Crossroads Democracy or Revolution? by Sigmund, Paul E. ISBN: 9780195072747 List Price: $95.00
Popular Religion and Liberation The Dilemma of Liberation Theology by Candelaria, Michael R. ISBN: 9780791402290 List Price: $22.50
Lift Every Voice Constructing Christian Theologies from the Underside by Thistlethwaite, Susan B., E... ISBN: 9781570751639 List Price: $28.00
Introduction to Old Testament Wisdom A Spirituality for Liberation by Ceresko, Anthony R. ISBN: 9781570752773 List Price: $24.00
Liberating News: A Theology of Contextual Evangelization by Costas, Orlando E., Fackre,... ISBN: 9780802803641 List Price: $12.99
Struggle Is One Voices and Visions of Liberation by Puleo, Mev ISBN: 9780791420140 List Price: $31.95
Gospel Preached by the Deaf by Broesterhuizen, Marcel, Bro... ISBN: 9789042918542
Mediations in Theology Georges De Schrijver's Wager and Liberation Theologies by Haers, Jacques, Guzman, E.,... ISBN: 9789042913127 List Price: $44.00
Lost for Words? : Brazilian Liberationism in The 1990s by Ottmann, Goetz Frank ISBN: 9780822985969
The Emperor's God: Imperial Misunderstandings of Christianity Pbk by Rivage-Seul, Michael ISBN: 9781933567174 List Price: $24.00
Global Civilization Challenges To Society And To Christianity by Boff, Leonardo, Guilherme, ... ISBN: 9781845530051 List Price: $24.95
Liberation Theology in the Philippines Faith in a Revolution by Nadeau, Kathleen M. ISBN: 9780275971984 List Price: $97.95
Density of the Present Selected Writings by Gutierrez, Gustavo ISBN: 9781570752469 List Price: $22.00
From Conquest to Struggle Jesus of Nazareth in Latin America by Batstone, David, Brown, Rob... ISBN: 9780791404225 List Price: $29.95
Faith and Freedom The Christian Roots of American Liberty by Hart, Benjamin ISBN: 9780929510040 List Price: $9.95
Cultural Identity and Social Liberation in Latin American Thought by Schutte, Ofelia ISBN: 9780791413180 List Price: $29.95
Gospel According to the Marginalized by Sindima, Harvey J. ISBN: 9780820426853 List Price: $73.95
Evangelization from a Liberation Perspective by Pope-Levinson, Priscilla ISBN: 9780820411699 List Price: $36.00
Black Future? Jesus and Salvation in South Africa by Nicholson, Ronald ISBN: 9780334001201 List Price: $18.95
Protestantism and Revolution in Cuba by Ramos, Marcos A. ISBN: 9780614110685 List Price: $16.95
Transforming Vision : Explorations in Feminist by Fiorenza, Elisabeth Schussl... ISBN: 9780800698065 List Price: $49.00
Religion and liberation by Engineer, Asghar Ali ISBN: 9788120202641
Liberation Theology and the Liberal Society by Novak, Michael ISBN: 9780844722634 List Price: $34.50
Liberation Sociology by Feagin, Joe R., Vera, Hernan ISBN: 9781594516047 List Price: $117.00
Popular Religion and Liberation by Candelaria, Michael R. ISBN: 9780791402306 List Price: $23.50
Reason for Hope: Liberation Theology Confronts a Liberal Faith by Muir, Fredric J. ISBN: 9780931104398 List Price: $10.00
Civil Society, Civil Religion - Andrew Shanks - Paperback by Shanks, Andrew, Shanks, Andrew ISBN: 9780631197591 List Price: $27.95
Our God Has No Favorites: A Liberation Theology of the Eucharist - Anne Primavesi - Paperback by Primavesi, Anne, Henderson,... ISBN: 9780893901653 List Price: $8.95
Global Civilization Challenges To Society And To Christianity by Boff, Leonardo, Guilherme, ... ISBN: 9781845530044 List Price: $75.00
Love in a Time of Hate by Hollander, Nancy Caro ISBN: 9780813524252 List Price: $50.00
Struggle is One:voices+visions of Lib. by Puleo, Mev ISBN: 9780791420133 List Price: $59.50
Cultural Identity+social Liberation... by Schutte, Ofelia ISBN: 9780791413173 List Price: $65.50
From Conquest to Struggle Jesus of Nazareth in Latin America by Batstone, David, Brown, Rob... ISBN: 9780791404218 List Price: $22.50
Anarchist Dimension of Liberation Theology by Damico, Linda H. ISBN: 9780820404431 List Price: $32.50
Called for Freedom: The Changing Context of Liberation Theology by Comblin, Joseph, Berryman, ... ISBN: 9781570751738 List Price: $25.00
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