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With dozens of books to choose from, it is a simple matter of choosing the ones you need most. This is the section where you can buy cheap ecclesiology textbooks to enable you to learn more about Christian theology. We can offer the cheapest prices on pre-owned titles of all kinds that fall into this subject area. Look for Reformation Debate; Light to the Nations: The Missional Church and the Biblical Story; That All May Be One: Perceptions and Models of Ecumenity; and Your Daughters Shall Prophesy: Women in Ministry in the Church. With more affordable titles available as well, it is easy to rent used ecclesiology textbooks from Valore Books as well as buying them. We provide a range of discounted services and books to our students, and we send these text books out across America on a daily basis. Will you be the next person to benefit from our buyback service too, as you sell back to us?

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Reformation Debate by Calvin, John, Sadoleto, Jac... ISBN: 9780801023903 List Price: $15.00
God's Missionary People Rethinking the Purpose of the Local Church by Van Engen, Charles ISBN: 9780801093111 List Price: $24.00
Beyond Maintenance to Mission: A Theology of the Congregation by Nessan, Craig L. ISBN: 9780800663261 List Price: $20.00
Christian Mission in a Pluralistic World by Brennan, John P. ISBN: 9780854393268 List Price: $14.95
The Church Event: Call and Challenge of a Church Protestant by Westhelle, Vitor ISBN: 9780800663322 List Price: $20.00
Inside Stories: Thirteen Valiant Women Challenging the Church by Milhaven, Annie L., Ruether... ISBN: 9780896223509 List Price: $12.95
That All May Be One: Perceptions and Models of Ecumenicity by Meyer, Harding ISBN: 9780802843487 List Price: $18.00
Das kirchliche Amt in apostolischer Nachfolge by Schneider, Theodor, Wenz, G... ISBN: 9783525569344
Poor in the Ecclesiology of Juan Luis Segundo by Nealen, Mary K. ISBN: 9780820415956 List Price: $35.95
Lamb's Gate Trilogy by Christopherson, Georgia ISBN: 9781579211202 List Price: $10.99
Church in the Bible by DeWelt, Don, Huffman, R. ISBN: 9780899000497 List Price: $13.80
Christian Freedom : Essays in Honor of Vernon C. Grounds by Wozniak, Kenneth W., Grenz,... ISBN: 9780819156969 List Price: $30.00
Complete Set of 8 Titles by Unknown ISBN: 9780829417272
Where Is the Church Heading? by Koenig, Franz ISBN: 9780854392513
Mary's Place in Christian Dialogue by Stacpoole, Alberic ISBN: 9780854392018
Theology of Ministry in the "Lima Document" : A Roman Catholic Critique by Gromada, Conrad T., Fahey, ... ISBN: 9781883255978 List Price: $64.95
Issues in Ecumenical Theology Mutual Gift Exchange by Hailer, Martin ISBN: 9781472417985
�kumene : M�glichkeiten und Grenzen Heute by Froehlich, Karlfried ISBN: 9783161445132
Denomination : Does It Really Matter?: the Clarion Call to the Church by O'Neal, Vanessa S. ISBN: 9780971193857 List Price: $15.95
Infallible?: An Unresolved Enquiry - Hans Kung - Paperback - ENLARGED by Kung, Hans, Haag, Herbert ISBN: 9780826406699
Das kirchliche Amt in apostolischer Nachfolge: III. Verstandigungen und Differenzen (Dialog ... by Schneider, Theodor, Wenz, G... ISBN: 9783525569368 List Price: $51.00
Augustine's Early Theology of the Church by Alexander, David C. ISBN: 9781433101038 List Price: $91.95
Vatican II and the Eucumenical Way by Tavard, George H. ISBN: 9780874627299 List Price: $20.00
Human Fertility Where Science & Faith Meet by Fehring, Richard J., Notare... ISBN: 9780874627329 List Price: $55.01
Ecumenical Potentials of Vatican Ii-40 Years After 40 Years After by Pesch, Otto Hermann ISBN: 9780874625868 List Price: $15.00
Christian Freedom: Essays in Honor of Vernon C. Grounds by Wozniak, Kenneth W., Grenz,... ISBN: 9780819156976 List Price: $16.75
Martyrdom, Murder, and Magic Child Saints and Their Cults in Medieval Europe by Wasyliw, Patricia Healy ISBN: 9780820427645 List Price: $67.95
Communion Et Riunion. Milanges Jean-Marie Roger Tillard by Evans, G. R., Gourgues, M. ISBN: 9789068317008
Dictionary of Mission Theology, History, Perspectives by Muller, Karl, Sundermeier, ... ISBN: 9781570751486 List Price: $50.00
Your Daughters Shall Prophesy Women in Ministry in the Church by Rempel, Valerie, Wiebe, Kat... ISBN: 9780921788140 List Price: $11.50
Conceptions of Unity in Recent Ecumenical Discussion A Philosophical Anaylsis by Harrison, Simon ISBN: 9780820450735 List Price: $45.95
Christentum am Roten Meer by Altheim, Franz, Stiehl, Ruth ISBN: 9783110037913 List Price: $346.15
Christentum am Roten Meer by Altheim, Franz, Stiehl, Ruth ISBN: 9783110037906 List Price: $346.15
Structures and Concepts of Ecclesiastical Authority, C. 1100-C. 1500 by Ross, Matthew, Smith, Thoma... ISBN: 9781472461766
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