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If learning about the behaviors and features of various animals leaves you cold, but you're endlessly enthralled by facts about your own species, anthropology should be right up your alley. Anthropology's four main categories - archeology, physical anthropology, cultural anthropology and linguistics - make it appeal to a wide variety of folks. Anthropology textbooks don't necessarily fly off the shelves, but they convey enough exciting information to keep people turning their pages. What other subject allows you to explore the mysteries of Pompeii through used textbooks, or marvel at the origins of modern words and phrases through college text books? When you delve into the fascinating world of anthropology, you explore things about your own species that you'd otherwise never learn. Tag along with famed anthropologists like E.B. Tylor through the magic of anthropology textbooks. Visit remote villages and find out how far-flung tribes live by immersing yourself in the seminal works of people like Pierre Clastres and Margaret Mead. Anthropology doesn't just concern itself with human activities, either; it explores biological variations and linguistic deviations, too. If you dream of someday unearthing ancient ruins, you'd be wise to pursue your degree in this fascinating field of study.

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Treatise on Human Nature Summa Theologiae LA 75-89 by Aquinas, Thomas, Pasnau, Ro... ISBN: 9780872206137 List Price: $16.95
Treatise on Human Nature : Summa Theologiae 1a, QQ 75-89 by Aquinas, Thomas, Freddoso, ... ISBN: 9781587318818
Bodies And Souls, or Spirited Bodies Human Nature at the Intersection by Murphy, Nancey ISBN: 9780521676762 List Price: $26.99
The Return of Christian Humanism by Oser, Lee ISBN: 9780826217752
Concept of Sin by Pieper, Josef, Oakes, Edwar... ISBN: 9781890318079 List Price: $19.00
Other Side of Sin Woundedness from the Perspective of the Sinned-Against by Park, Andrew Sung, Nelson, ... ISBN: 9780791450420 List Price: $29.95
Christianity and Humanism by Jorgenson, Dale A. ISBN: 9780899001494 List Price: $4.95
Avitus, the Fall of Man De Spiritalis Historiae Gestis Libri I-III by Avitus, Nodes, Daniel J. ISBN: 9780888444660 List Price: $9.95
Nature and Destiny of Man by Niebuhr, Reinhold ISBN: 9780023875205 List Price: $22.20
Concept of Sin by Pieper, Josef, Oakes, Edwar... ISBN: 9781890318086 List Price: $11.00
Treatise on Human Nature Summa Theologiae LA 75-89 by Aquinas, Thomas, Pasnau, Ro... ISBN: 9780872206144 List Price: $45.00
Global Human Problem Ignorance, Hate, Injustice and Violence by Twesigye, Emmanuel K. ISBN: 9780820407531 List Price: $42.50
Act and Being by Bonhoeffer, Dietrich, Floyd... ISBN: 9780800696535 List Price: $20.00
The Nature of Our Humanity: The Ethics of Genetics and Biotechnology by Jersild, Paul ISBN: 9780800664428 List Price: $25.00
Asceticism and Anthropology in Irenaeus and Clement by Behr, John ISBN: 9780198270003 List Price: $175.00
Bodies And Souls, or Spirited Bodies by Murphy, Nancey, Torrance, I... ISBN: 9780521859448 List Price: $83.99
Return to Splendor in the World: The Christian Doctrine of Sin and Forgiveness by Gestrich, Christof ISBN: 9780802841643 List Price: $40.00
Useful Lie - William L. Playfair - Paperback by Playfair, William L., Bryso... ISBN: 9780891076377 List Price: $8.95
Philosophical Myths of the Fall by Mulhall, Stephen ISBN: 9780691133928 List Price: $19.95
Anthropological Reflections on Missiological Issues by Hiebert, Paul G. ISBN: 9780801043949 List Price: $28.00
Mind and the Machine : What It Means to Be Human and Why It Matters by Dickerson, Matthew T. ISBN: 9781587432729
Onslaught Against Innocence: Cain, Abel and the Yahwist by LaCocque, Andre ISBN: 9780227173190 List Price: $38.50
Sin and Redemption (Bloom's Literary Themes) by Bloom, Harold, Hobby, Blake ISBN: 9781604134469 List Price: $45.00
Aliens and Sojourners: Self As Other in Early Christianity by Dunning, Benjamin H. ISBN: 9780812241563 List Price: $55.00
John Locke and the Problem of Depravity by Spellman, W. M. ISBN: 9780198249870 List Price: $165.00
Fullness of Life: Historical Foundations for a New Asceticism - Margaret Ruth Miles by Miles, Margaret R. ISBN: 9780664243890 List Price: $11.99
Moral Gap by Hare, John E. ISBN: 9780198263814 List Price: $60.00
Apolegetic Value of Human Holiness Von Balthasar's Christocentric Philosophical Anthropology by Harrison, Victoria S. ISBN: 9780792366171 List Price: $149.00
Anthropology in Theological Perspective - Wolfhart Pannenberg - Hardcover - 1st ed by Pannenberg, Wolfhart, O'Con... ISBN: 9780664213992 List Price: $38.95
Religion and Human Nature by Ward, Keith ISBN: 9780198269618 List Price: $175.00
Concept of Anxiety : A Simple Psychologically Oriented Deliberation in View of the Dogmatic ... by Kierkegaard, S�ren, Hannay,... ISBN: 9781631490040 List Price: $17.95
Mensch Als Spiegelbild Gottes in der Mystik Ibn 'Arabis by Rahmati, Fateme ISBN: 9783447055147
Existence Vol. 2 : Philosophical Theology by Neville, Robert Cummings ISBN: 9781438453316 List Price: $105.00
Metaphysical Animal Divine and Human in Man by Woznicki, Andrew N. ISBN: 9780820428833 List Price: $48.95
Milton's Adam and Eve Fallible Perfection by Musacchio, George ISBN: 9780820413266 List Price: $37.95
Evagrio P�ntico y la Acedia by Peret� Rivas, Rub�n A. ISBN: 9781433141300
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