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Breaking the Huddle : How Your Community Can Grow Its Witness by Everts, Don, Schaupp, Doug ISBN: 9781525233494 List Price: $24.99
Victory over the Darkness Youth Edition with Study Guide by Anderson, Neil T., Park, Da... ISBN: 9780764217135
Timeless Lifetime Sermons : Volume 1 by Click, E. Dale ISBN: 9780788022562
Good News People : Recognizing Diocesan Evangelists by House Of Bishops Staff ISBN: 9780715155448
Embracing the Passion : Christian Youthwork and Politics by Pimlott, Nigel ISBN: 9780334053118
Theology of Youth Ministry by Borgman, Dean ISBN: 9780899443508 List Price: $3.00
Experience by Unknown ISBN: 9780688152277 List Price: $34.95
Faith Forward : Re-Imagining Children and Youth Ministry by Csinos, David M., Bray, Melvin ISBN: 9781770647992
Engaging Islam from a Christian Perspective by Rusk, Michael ISBN: 9781433119392
How to Bring Men to Christ by Torrey, R. ISBN: 9780692252772
Crossing Cultures with Jesus : Sharing Good News with Sensitivity and Grace by Rawson, Katie J. ISBN: 9781459699984 List Price: $24.99
Arise! Shine! : For Your Light Is Come and the Glory of the Lord Is Risen upon You by Gillaspie, Gloria ISBN: 9781629985046 List Price: $17.99
Theological Reflection : Processes of Learning and Patterns of Belief by Cornu, Alison Le, Bennett, Zo� ISBN: 9780754664413
Conversation on Counseling Between a Doctor and a Priest by Lefebure, Marcus ISBN: 9780317314465
Conversation on Counseling Between a Doctor and a Priest by Lefebure, Marcus ISBN: 9780317314458 List Price: $6.95
Tactful Witnessing Guide by Mills, Michael ISBN: 9780802485328 List Price: $9.99
Middlebrow Mission : Pearl S Buck's American China by K�nnemann, Vanessa ISBN: 9783837631081
World Religions in a Nutshell by Comfort, Ray ISBN: 9780882703299 List Price: $9.99
World Religions in a Nutshell by Comfort, Ray ISBN: 9780882709017 List Price: $9.99
Great Commission, Great Compassion : Following Jesus and Loving the World by Borthwick, Paul ISBN: 9781458764218 List Price: $24.99
Church Mission Society and World Christianity, 1799-1999 by Warn, Kevin, Stanley, Brian ISBN: 9780802846792 List Price: $30.00
Foreign Ministries : Change and Adaptation by Hocking, Brian ISBN: 9780333692424
Unreached Peoples the Future of World Evangelization : The Lausanne Movement by World Vision International ... ISBN: 9780317361872 List Price: $7.95
Apostolic Church Planting : Birthing New Churches from New Believers by Payne, J. D. ISBN: 9781459699960 List Price: $18.99
Mission in Context by Corrie, John, Ross, Cathy, ... ISBN: 9781138546165
Methodists and Their Missionary Societies 1760-1900 by Pritchard, John ISBN: 9781138247505
Discipleship Matters : Dying to Live for Christ by Maiden, Peter ISBN: 9781783593552 List Price: $14.00
Mission Matters : Love Says Go by Chester, Tim ISBN: 9781783592807 List Price: $14.00
Illustrated Sunday Homilies : Year C, Series II by Link, Mark ISBN: 9780895059321 List Price: $32.95
Media Seduction : The Hi-Tech Battle for the Soul of a Generation (Youth Culture) by Warden, Michael D. ISBN: 9781559454131 List Price: $2.99
I Would Die for You : Why Kids Stay in Gangs by Lauffer, Lisa B. ISBN: 9781559454179 List Price: $2.99
Among the Turks by Hamlin, Cyrus ISBN: 9780608353555 List Price: $119.10
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