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Christian life is a fascinating area to look at, and you can look into lots of separate areas of interest here. For example, why not buy cheap women's issues textbooks from Valore Books today? You'll learn plenty about the pertinent issues and save money too. We specialize in affordable titles so you can get the best of all worlds. Look for titles such as History of Women in Christian Worship; Gender and Apocalyptic Desire; Women and Christianity; and Her Life Historical: Exemplarity and Female Saints' Lives in Late Medieval England. As you can see the range of titles is vast and fascinating, so you can always find the cheapest and best text books to help you through your college course. You'll see the best discounted prices we can offer as well, providing you with great deals whether you buy or rent used women's issues textbooks from the Valore Books marketplace.

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Women and Christianity (Women and Religion in the World) by Kirk-Duggan, Cheryl A., Tor... ISBN: 9780275991555 List Price: $44.95
Her Life Historical Exemplarity and Female Saints' Lives in Late Medieval England by Sanok, Catherine ISBN: 9780812239867 List Price: $65.00
Crossseekers: Virtuous Reality: Becoming the Ideal Woman by Courtney, Vicki ISBN: 9780633004552 List Price: $6.95
Gender And Apocalyptic Desire by Quinby, Lee, Brasher, Brend... ISBN: 9781904768869 List Price: $26.95
Macrina the Younger Philosopher of God by Silvas, Silvas, Anna, Gregory ISBN: 9782503523903 List Price: $81.00
Studien Zum Kanonissenstift by Crusius, Irene ISBN: 9783525353264
Women of God And Arms Female Spirituality And Political Conflict, 1380-1600 by Warren, Nancy Bradley ISBN: 9780812238921 List Price: $65.00
History of Women in Christian Worship by White, Susan J. ISBN: 9780829815504 List Price: $30.00
Daily Conversations with God : Prayers for Women by Barbour Staff ISBN: 9781630583422 List Price: $9.99
Kaleidoscope of Women in Goa 1510-1961 by Fato A De So, Va Gracias ISBN: 9788170225911 List Price: $20.00
Gender And Apocalyptic Desire by Brasher, Brenda E., Quinby,... ISBN: 9781904768852 List Price: $100.00
Siddur Tefillot A Woman's Ladino Prayer Book by Lazar, Moshe, Dilligan, Robert ISBN: 9780911437676 List Price: $55.00
White Women's Christ and Black Women's Jesus Feminist Christology and Womanist Response by Grant, Jacquelyn ISBN: 9780195171754 List Price: $22.95
Feminism and the Bible An Introduction to Feminism by Cottrell, Jack ISBN: 9780899004136 List Price: $14.99
After All I've Been Through I've Still Got Joy by Williams, Coree ISBN: 9781556308444 List Price: $9.95
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