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If you want to find out more about the Christian way of life, you can do so via all manner of different text books. Many students study religion at college and if this is your area of interest we can provide you with the chance to buy cheap stewardship and giving textbooks here and now. Look among the titles and you'll find Idea of Christian Charity: A Critique of Some Contemporary Conceptions; Stewardship and Development in Catholic Dioceses and Parishes: Resource Manual; Tithe Surveys of England and Wales; and Stepping Stones of the Steward. Whatever titles you choose, you may also be able to rent used stewardship and giving textbooks in some cases. Check the individual books to see whether you can get the cheapest offers from us today. We buy back stewardship and giving books as well, so sell back here now if you have some you no longer need.

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Atlas and Index of the Tithe Files of Mid-Nineteenth-Century England and Wales by Kain, Roger J. P., Fry, Rod... ISBN: 9780521071543 List Price: $75.00
Tithe Surveys of England and Wales by Kain, Roger J. P., Prince, ... ISBN: 9780521024310 List Price: $69.00
Stepping Stones of the Steward by Vallet, Ronald E. ISBN: 9780802804648 List Price: $12.99
God and Money : How We Discovered True Riches at Harvard Business School by Baumer, Gregory, Baumer, Gr... ISBN: 9781628624076 List Price: $24.99
Why Tithe? by Crook, James A. ISBN: 9780939399468 List Price: $4.50
Mishnah's Theology of Tithing : A Study of Tractate Maaserot by Jaffee, Martin, Neusner, Jacob ISBN: 9780891304593
Christian Stewardship Manual by Church of Scotland, Board o... ISBN: 9780861531349
Law of Tithes by Bohun, W. ISBN: 9781561696086 List Price: $147.00
Stewardship and Development in Catholic Dioceses and Parishes: Resource Manual - National Co... by National Conference of Cath... ISBN: 9781574551327 List Price: $2.95
Monastic Tithes by Constable, Giles ISBN: 9780521047159 List Price: $39.00
History of Tithes by Clarke, Henry William ISBN: 9780598838551 List Price: $91.80
Modern Day Tithing : Doctine of Devils by OrBurn, Repen T. ISBN: 9781927654033
Give to Live Youth Booklet/ There's Got to Be a Better Way by Lawson, Douglas ISBN: 9780687012527 List Price: $7.00
New Consecration Sunday by Miller, Herb ISBN: 9780687063963 List Price: $11.00
Rich for Good : The How and Why of Wealth God's Way by Jones, Jamie ISBN: 9781680310993 List Price: $9.99
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