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If you are studying the Christian lifestyle there are many different areas you can look into. For example, you can buy personal growth textbooks online that pertain to this aspect of Christianity. We have titles such as How Do I Love Me?; Truth About You: Self Image; and even some foreign language titles. In each case you will be assured of the cheapest deals around today. Look at the different options available for each title as you may find you can rent used personal growth textbooks instead of buying them outright. Whatever you decide to do you can look forward to getting the cheapest pre-owned text books you have ever come across for your college years. Make studying easier and cheaper than it was before. You can also sell your personal growth books back to us today and in the future, providing you with a way to earn some cash.

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Truth about You : Self-Image by Carlson, Lori ISBN: 9781885702807 List Price: $3.25
Truth about You : Self-Image by Carlson, Lori ISBN: 9781885702814 List Price: $1.25
Insight into Self-Acceptance by Ledger, Chris, Musters, Claire ISBN: 9781782595809
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