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We have more than one hundred text books on the subject of Christian education. This makes it easy to buy cheap general textbooks on the subject, so you can always be assured of the best copies you can get. Look for Philosophy and Education: An Introduction in Christian Perspective; Teaching the Catholic Faith Today; Introducing Christian Education: Foundations for the Twenty First Century; and Contending with Modernity: Catholic Higher Education in the Twentieth Century. We have plenty more titles as well, some of which are available on rental terms. This means you can rent used general textbooks for a quarter or a semester, giving you even more options. With discounted deals available on a daily basis, you will always be able to find the books you want without spending a fortune. We buy back general books as well, so you will also be able to make money as well as saving it.

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Handbook of Christian Educatiocb by Kurian, Lamport ISBN: 9780810884922
What Schools Teach Us about Religious Life by Heischman, Daniel R. ISBN: 9781433120367
Religion, Government and Education by Brickman, William W., Brick... ISBN: 9780598615237 List Price: $90.60
Pathways to Discovery Administration Manual Building Youth by Olson, Heather ISBN: 9780687303434 List Price: $14.95
Pre-School Promotion Certificate by Unknown ISBN: 9780687056446 List Price: $7.50
Copious Fountain : A History of Union Presbyterian Seminary, 1812-2012 by Sweetser Jr., William B. ISBN: 9780664503475 List Price: $50.00
Art of Christian Conversation by Bowerman, Ross, Bowerman, S... ISBN: 9780980345599
Power Tool Box : Fishing Lines and Fruitful Vines by Unknown ISBN: 9781574050585 List Price: $15.00
Christian Education by Poitras, Linda R. ISBN: 9780757744280
Distinctiveness in Church Schools by Lankshear, David W. ISBN: 9780901819635
Teacher Guide : Year A by Unknown ISBN: 9780806634470 List Price: $4.99
Word to the "Little Flock" by White, James Springer ISBN: 9780598310170 List Price: $30.00
Word to the "Little Flock" by White, James Springer ISBN: 9780598309433 List Price: $30.00
Word to the "Little Flock" by White, James Springer ISBN: 9780598310187 List Price: $30.00
Gemeindep�dagogik by Bubmann, Peter, Doy�, G�tz,... ISBN: 9783110221084
Interactive Worship Ideas for Primary and Junior Age Kids by Kirstein, Bill ISBN: 9780828027335
Video Zoom Box : Videolympics Extra by Unknown ISBN: 9781574051452 List Price: $15.00
Catholic Education : Universal Principles, Locally Applied by Morris, B. Andrew ISBN: 9781443836340
Toddler Teacher Kit by Unknown ISBN: 9780784783177 List Price: $15.99
Promotion Younger Elementary Flat Certificate by Unknown ISBN: 9780687056453 List Price: $7.50
Grades 7-8 Teacher Guide : Year A by Unknown ISBN: 9780806634623 List Price: $4.99
Identity and Internationalization in Catholic Universities : Exploring Institutional Pathway... by de Wit, Hans, Bernasconi, A... ISBN: 9789004382077 List Price: $60.00
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