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Looking for Psychology textbooks that will best help you understand the unpredictable landscape of the human mind? Psychologists have been mapping the mind for in their attempt to understand perception, emotion, motivation, romance and interpersonal relationships. With roots in ancient China, India, Persia, Greece, and Egypt, the science has enthused scientists like Freud, Jung, Ferenczi have encouraged modern society to evaluate our childhoods, psychoanalyze our parents and keep a dream journal by our beds at night. You may want to write this in your journal…we've got all the college textbooks you'll need and more! Enjoy saving time and money as you purchase cheap textbooks online and have them shipped directly to your door. Whether you are searching for a used textbook for Introduction to Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology or Child Psychology, we will most likely have the book you're searching for. All used Psychology textbooks are in great condition!

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Beyond Technique in the Dojo : The Making of a 22nd Century Warrior by Lewis, Don ISBN: 9780983259855 List Price: $19.99
Dividing Lines : Contours of India-China Conflict by Raghavan, K. N. ISBN: 9789381576106
Adolescents in Conflict : Understanding the Back Story by Underwood, Lee, Dailey, Fra... ISBN: 9780990522591 List Price: $50.00
Life with a Laryngectomee : A Remembrance by McKelvy, Charles ISBN: 9780944771419 List Price: $10.00
Social Fabrics of the Mind by Chance, Michael R. A. ISBN: 9781138845251
On the World and Ourselves by Bauman, Zygmunt, Obirek, St... ISBN: 9780745687117
Accidental Universe : The World You Thought You Knew by Lightman, Alan ISBN: 9789862726297 List Price: $21.80
Psychology of Librarianship by Wright, H. Stephen, Gullick... ISBN: 9781634000161 List Price: $35.00
Pinky and Thunder : Royal Rhinos of Africa by Beloit, Richard M., Benfer,... ISBN: 9780986385100 List Price: $17.99
Mourning a Death in the Family by Kidde, Rita, Wilson, Antoine ISBN: 9781499436907
In Between : One Teen, Two Cultures by Rezende, P. T, Luster, Celma ISBN: 9780988924291 List Price: $24.99
How Creativity Happens in the Brain by Dietrich, Arne ISBN: 9781137501790
Leadership : Quotations for Success by Federman, J. G., Federman, ... ISBN: 9781940158105 List Price: $7.95
What Is Hell? by Ramsey, Sara, Ramsey, Dorot... ISBN: 9780989901765
Psychology of the Internet by Wallace, Patricia M. ISBN: 9781107079137
Teaching Psychology : A Guide for the New Instructor by Whitford, Fred W. ISBN: 9780131943995
Vygotsky and Leontiev : The Construction of a Marxist Psychology by Calvo Tuleski, Silvana ISBN: 9781634829014
Guide to Student Mental Health and Wellness in California by Minnesota Association for C... ISBN: 9780982048238 List Price: $27.95
Bad Thing Happened at My School by Garcia, Beatriz, Hollis-Och... ISBN: 9780986300905 List Price: $7.99
Psychology and Mental Health by Valentine, C. W. ISBN: 9781138899636
Routledge International Handbook of Memory Studies by Tota, Anna Lisa, Hagen, Trever ISBN: 9780415870894
Psychotherapy with Families : An Analytic Approach by Box, Sally J., Copley, Beta... ISBN: 9781138887886
Guardian of the Golden Gate : Protecting the Line Between Hope and Despair by Briggs, Kevin, Mellinger, S... ISBN: 9780990437574 List Price: $26.95
EMDR e Terapia Familiar by Shapiro, Francine, Kaslow, ... ISBN: 9781941727249 List Price: $59.99
Do Haunted Houses Exist? by MacKay, Jenny ISBN: 9781601528582
Handbook of Behavioural Family Therapy by Falloon, Ian R. H. ISBN: 9781138923065
It's Not You, Geography, It's Me by Chambers, Kristy ISBN: 9781459691568 List Price: $27.99
Friend Indeed : Be a Friend, Have a Friend by Rice, Bill, 3rd ISBN: 9780982126394
It Couldn't Have Been the Pay : A Life of Teaching and Learning in Public Schools by Rothstein, Irving ISBN: 9780692450642 List Price: $14.00
Chameleon : Life-Changing Wisdom for Anyone Who Has a Personality or Knows Someone Who Does by Rosenberg, Merrick ISBN: 9780996411011 List Price: $20.00
Short Path to Change : 30 Ways to Transform Your Life by Mannion, Jenny ISBN: 9780738745619 List Price: $15.99
Bipolar Millionaire and the Operation : A Memoir by Wade, John E., 2nd ISBN: 9781620066034 List Price: $29.95
WINE SEX and SUICIDE My near Death Divorce by Blue Hayes, Patty ISBN: 9780986113772 List Price: $15.00
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