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From the Dynamics and Skills of Group Counseling to Groups: Process and Practice, we can provide an impressive selection of text books for college students who are studying psychology and psychotherapy. Buy cheap group psychotherapy textbooks here and make it easier to save money when you need to invest in several text books to help you move through your coursework. If you want to sell your group psychotherapy books back to us later on you can do so - our buyback service is exceptionally popular and we use it to provide more discounted books to our customers. Look at the discounted prices on the right to see how much you can save when you rent used group psychotherapy textbooks from our website today. With options and books for everyone, it has never been easier to get the pre-owned books you want without spending a fortune. Try our site today and see what you think.

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What Happens in Groups: Psychoanalysis, the Individual and the Community by Hinshelwood, R. D., Himswor... ISBN: 9780946960880 List Price: $47.00
Active Analytic Group Therapy for Adolescents by Evans ISBN: 9781853026164 List Price: $42.95
Group Psychodynamics: New Paradigms and New Approaches by Halperin, David A. ISBN: 9780815140511 List Price: $49.00
Group Leader's Handbook: Resources, Techniques, and Survival Skills by Merritt, Ray E., Jr., Walle... ISBN: 9780878221394 List Price: $15.95
Solution-Focused Groupwork by Sharry, John J. ISBN: 9780761967798 List Price: $135.00
Group Counselling by Tudor, Keith ISBN: 9780803976191 List Price: $135.00
Group Psychotherapy in Long Term Care by Hughes, Marylou ISBN: 9781877735479 List Price: $17.50
Concise Guide to Group Psychotherapy by Vinogradov, Sophia, Yalom, ... ISBN: 9780521389860
Kelso Counselor Activity Toolbox by Cerebellum Corporation ISBN: 9781585654659 List Price: $149.98
Problems Book for Group Theory by Unknown ISBN: 9780205120956 List Price: $33.33
Group Cognitive Therapy by Yost, Elizabeth B. ISBN: 9780205145171 List Price: $29.95
Problem Solving Photo Scenes by Pitti, Mary, Begley, Elizabeth ISBN: 9781416405511 List Price: $55.00
Art and Technique of Analytic Group Therapy by Grotjahn, Martin ISBN: 9780876688380
Hidden Language : Fairy Tales and the Social Unconscious by Raufman, Ravit, Weinberg, Haim ISBN: 9781782202684
Analysis of Groups : Contributions to Theory, Research, and Practice by Gibbard, Graham S. ISBN: 9780608217291 List Price: $145.70
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