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Psychological tests are a measure of a specific psychological variable like personality, intelligence, or emotion. They can be written, verbal or visual tests, but often consist of questions that the subjects answer as true or false. This is also known as psychological assessment or measurement. Whatever you choose to call it, we have a great range of cheap psychology assessment, testing and measurement textbooks to buy or rent. These are exactly the same books that you will find in your college bookstore but we sell ours at much lower prices. We know money is often tight for students so we keep our prices as low as possible. Our prices are the cheapest! You can either browse through our full collection of affordable psychology measurement, assessment and testing books, or if you have a reading list from your tutor you can enter the ISBN number to find the exact books that you need for your course.

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Neuropsychological Assessment by Elliott, Gregory ISBN: 9780205297801 List Price: $65.33
Assessment in Infancy : Ordinal Scales of Psychological Development by Uzgiris, Ina C., Hunt, J. M... ISBN: 9780252060724
Readings in Personality Assessment by Goodstein, Leonard D., Lany... ISBN: 9780835799720 List Price: $200.00
Developments in the Rorschach Technique by Klopfer, Bruno ISBN: 9780318529660
Psychological Testing : Principles, Applications, and Issues by Kaplan, Robert M., Saccuzzo... ISBN: 9780318638348
Psychological Testing : Principles, Applications, and Issues by Kaplan, Robert M., Saccuzzo... ISBN: 9780318638355
Scientific Methods and Behavioral Analysis by Perone ISBN: 9780321011862
Human Figure Drawings of Mildly Handicapped Students : Learning Disabled, Mildly Mentally Re... by Jones, Carroll J., Dickens,... ISBN: 9780398057725 List Price: $31.95
Microenvironment : The Theory and Practice of Indoor Climate by Jokl, Miloslav V., Jones, B... ISBN: 9780398054359 List Price: $74.25
Objective Behavioral Assessment of the Severely and Moderately Mentally Handicapped : The OBA by Hardy, Larry, Martin, Gary,... ISBN: 9780398046361 List Price: $21.25
Personality at Work : The Role of Individual Differences in the Work Place by Furnham, Adrian ISBN: 9780415035477 List Price: $89.95
Personality : The Psychometric View by Kline, Paul ISBN: 9780415089777 List Price: $49.95
Tests : A Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, and Business by Keyser, Daniel J., Sweetlan... ISBN: 9780685376577 List Price: $85.00
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator : Australian Perspectives by McGuiness, Mary ISBN: 9780864311283
Cust Readers Psych Education by Elliott, Stephen N., Kratoc... ISBN: 9780697239310
Analysis of Fantasy : The Thematic Technique in the Study of Personality by Henry, William E. ISBN: 9780471372905 List Price: $8.95
Contemporary Rorschach Interpretation by Meloy, J. Reid, Acklin, Mar... ISBN: 9781138971714
Behaviour Analysis in Theory and Practice : Contributions and Controversies by Blackman, Derek E., Lejeune... ISBN: 9781138876941
Psychology of Conservatism (Routledge Revivals) by Wilson, Glenn ISBN: 9780415810180
Psychological Testing in the Age of Managed Behavioral Health Care by Maruish, Mark E., Nelson, E... ISBN: 9781138003538
Doing Q Methodological Research : Theory, Method and Interpretation by Watts, Simon, Stenner, Paul ISBN: 9781849204149
Using the MMPI with Adolescents by Archer, Robert P. ISBN: 9781138951976
Assessments in Forensic Practice : A Handbook by Browne, Kevin D., Beech, An... ISBN: 9781118314531 List Price: $129.95
Child Rorschach Responses : Developmental Trends from Two to Ten Years by Ames, Louise Bates ISBN: 9780598638670 List Price: $101.70
Assessment Using the Rorschach Inkblot Test by Choca, James, Rossini, Edward ISBN: 9781433828812
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