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Political science textbooks reveal the factors behind the crazy world of politics around the United States and throughout the world. Ever wonder what has fueled the most influential political movements throughout history? You are soon to set sail on an informative journey within the classroom that may explain the benefits and challenges surrounding democracies and socialist governments; the problems that arise within dictatorships; a study of how politics have evolved throughout the centuries; and the truth behind some of America's wildest elections and political scandals. Browse through our extensive selection of used textbooks while saving time and money. There you will find political science textbooks that introduce students to political science theory, educate on international conflicts, outline political research methods, review the basics of political law, and more. Students are often surprised to find out how much new political science textbooks can cost and are thrilled to discover that cheap textbooks can be found online and delivered directly to their dorm rooms and homes. Make sure that you have the exact ISBN numbers to be assured that you will receive the correct cheap used textbook. Shop today for used textbooks and save!

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India's National Security : Annual Review 2009 by Kumar, Satish ISBN: 9781138664876
Turkish AK Party and Its Leader : Criticism, Opposition and Dissent by Cizre, �mit, Duran, Burhane... ISBN: 9781138640788
Managing and Delivering Performance by Marr, Bernard ISBN: 9781138169500
Public Management in Global Perspective by Schiavo-Campo, Salvatore, M... ISBN: 9781138174665
Risk, Uncertainty and Government by O'Malley, Pat ISBN: 9781138135543
Hayek on Liberty by Gray, John ISBN: 9781138135192
Starve the Beast! : How to Save America by Dougherty, Dave ISBN: 9780997343809 List Price: $19.95
American X by Seti, Ra'un ISBN: 9780997301007 List Price: $12.99
American Idea Renewed by Kemp, James ISBN: 9780997160901 List Price: $20.00
Islas Migajas : Los Pa�ses No Independientes Del Caribe Contempor�neo by Ramos, Aaron Gamaliel ISBN: 9780997072501 List Price: $25.00
Origins of the African-American Civil Rights Movement by Zhang, Ai-Min ISBN: 9781138994676
Rethinking Power Relations in Indonesia : Transforming the Margins by Haug, Michaela, R�ssler, Ma... ISBN: 9781138962781
Feminist Economics and Public Policy by Campbell, Jim, Gillespie, M... ISBN: 9781138950856
India's Approach to Development Cooperation by Chaturvedi, Sachin, Mulakal... ISBN: 9781138947733
Enquiry Concerning the Intellectual and Moral Faculties, and Literature of Negroes : Followe... by Gr�goire, Abb� Henri-Baptis... ISBN: 9781944556051 List Price: $24.99
Toussaint L'Ouverture : The December 1861 New York and Boston Lecture by Mapou, Jan, Delince, Jerry,... ISBN: 9781944556020 List Price: $19.95
Spatial Deconcentration : The Blighting of Urban America by Garnett ISBN: 9780979385452 List Price: $24.00
Journalists for Hire : How the CIA Buys the News by Ulfkotte, Udo ISBN: 9781944505479 List Price: $24.99
Journalists for Hire : How the CIA Buys the News by Ulfkotte, Udo ISBN: 9781944505455 List Price: $27.99
Freedom and Responsibility - Beta 2 by Ballard, Justus ISBN: 9781943536061 List Price: $14.00
Injustice for All : The Truth about the Annihilation of American Education Ideals by Sprott, Joanne, Sprott, Joa... ISBN: 9780997097801 List Price: $65.00
Abertwp Awakes by Noyes, Ray ISBN: 9781784611705
Integrating Social and Employment Policies in Europe : Active Inclusion and Challenges for L... by Heidenreich, Martin, Rice, ... ISBN: 9781783474912 List Price: $135.00
Authoritarian Origins of Democratic Party Systems in Africa by Riedl, Rachel Beatty ISBN: 9781107623019 List Price: $29.99
Autokratien Im Vergleich by Kailitz, Steffen, K�llner, ... ISBN: 9783848700226
Half-Life : The NDP: Peace, Protest and Party Politics by Fisher, Gillian ISBN: 9780730589358 List Price: $24.95
Socialism, Its Growth and Outcome by Morris, William, Bax, Ernes... ISBN: 9780598608529 List Price: $109.20
NATO and American Security by Knorr, Klaus Eugen ISBN: 9780598348289 List Price: $108.50
Fair Housing by Pivar, William H. ISBN: 9781878025814 List Price: $19.95
Nachhaltige Entwicklung : Zukunftschancen F�r Mensch und Umwelt by Kastenholz, Hans G., Erdman... ISBN: 9783540605539 List Price: $69.95
Understanding the Tea Party Movement by Meyer, David S., Dyke, Nell... ISBN: 9781472407153 List Price: $49.95
Discourse Dictators and Democrats : Russia's Place in a Global Process by D. Anderson, Richard, Jr. ISBN: 9781409467090 List Price: $109.95
Asylum : Additional Actions Are Needed to Assess and Address Fraud Risks by Gambler, Rebecca ISBN: 9781457871528 List Price: $30.00
Communicating Science for Policy by Atkinson, George, Atkinson,... ISBN: 9780986100734 List Price: $17.00
Reader in Classical Geopolitics by Kelly, Phil ISBN: 9781607974659 List Price: $40.00
Political History of the Grenada Revolution 1979-1983_Beta Edition by Awolabi, Obasegun ISBN: 9781607974598 List Price: $25.00
Republican Dream Team Of 2016 by McBreen, Catherine S. ISBN: 9781632990808
Between Western and Eastern Europe : Political Studies: Past and the Present by Stefan Dudra and Piotr Poch... ISBN: 9780692585610
un Association-USA : A Little Known History of Advocacy and Action by Wurst, James ISBN: 9781626375482 List Price: $26.50
un Association-USA : A Little Known History of Advocacy and Action by Wurst, James ISBN: 9781626375475 List Price: $68.50
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