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Political science textbooks reveal the factors behind the crazy world of politics around the United States and throughout the world. Ever wonder what has fueled the most influential political movements throughout history? You are soon to set sail on an informative journey within the classroom that may explain the benefits and challenges surrounding democracies and socialist governments; the problems that arise within dictatorships; a study of how politics have evolved throughout the centuries; and the truth behind some of America's wildest elections and political scandals. Browse through our extensive selection of used textbooks while saving time and money. There you will find political science textbooks that introduce students to political science theory, educate on international conflicts, outline political research methods, review the basics of political law, and more. Students are often surprised to find out how much new political science textbooks can cost and are thrilled to discover that cheap textbooks can be found online and delivered directly to their dorm rooms and homes. Make sure that you have the exact ISBN numbers to be assured that you will receive the correct cheap used textbook. Shop today for used textbooks and save!

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Beyond the State : An Introductory Critique by Hoffman, John ISBN: 9780745811819
Ten-Year Check-Up : Have Federal Agencies Responded to Civil Rights Recommendations? by Berry, Mary Frances ISBN: 9780756737009 List Price: $35.00
Day Program Managers Tool Kit by Cochrane, C. B., Schied, Ch... ISBN: 9780756736903 List Price: $25.00
Biography of an Ideal : A History of the Federal Civil Service by James, Kay Coles ISBN: 9780756736835 List Price: $65.00
Agreed Framework for Dialog with North Korea : Congressional Hearing by Lugar, Richard G. ISBN: 9780756736767 List Price: $20.00
FBI Reorganization : Progress Made in Efforts to Transform, but Major Challenges Continue by Walker, David M. ISBN: 9780756736620 List Price: $25.00
Major Management Challenges and Government Risks : A Governmentwide Perspective by Rezendes, Victor S., Walker... ISBN: 9780756733568 List Price: $20.00
Diplomatic List : Foreign Diplomatic Staffs in the United States by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9780756733391 List Price: $25.00
Results-Oriented Cultures : Using Balanced Expectations to Manage Senior Executive Performance by Mihm, J. Christopher ISBN: 9780756733971 List Price: $20.00
Inspectors General : Office Consolidation and Related Issues by Walker, David M. ISBN: 9780756734350 List Price: $20.00
Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted (2001) by Leonard, Barry ISBN: 9780756731069 List Price: $25.00
Kennedy-Krushchev Exchanges : Foreign Relations of the United States, 1961-1963 by Sampson, Charles S., Lafant... ISBN: 9780756735210 List Price: $45.00
Suez Crisis, July 26 - December 31, 1956 : Foreign Relations of the United States, 1955-1957 by Glennon, John P., Noring, N... ISBN: 9780756735234 List Price: $95.00
White House : Allegations of Damage During the 2001 Presidential Transition by Ungar, Bernard L. ISBN: 9780756735425 List Price: $35.00
Police Department Information Systems Technology Enhancement Project by Dunworth, Terence, Frazier,... ISBN: 9780756734657 List Price: $30.00
Results-Oriented Management : Agency Crosscutting Actions and Plans in Border Control, Flood... by Dalton, Patricia A., Curda,... ISBN: 9780756734688 List Price: $20.00
Partnership for Advancing Technology in Housing Technology Roadmap : Year One Progress Report by Thompson, Lawrence L. ISBN: 9780756734947 List Price: $35.00
China : Foreign Relations of the United States, 1958-1960 by Schwar, Harriet Dashiell, L... ISBN: 9780756735029 List Price: $65.00
American Housing Survey for the United States : Current Housing Reports by Sepanik, Ronald J., Weinber... ISBN: 9780756735081 List Price: $75.00
Public Transportation Fact Book (2001) by Tober, Ronald J. ISBN: 9780756712167 List Price: $35.00
Food Assistance : Activities and Use of Nonprogram Resources at Six WIC Agencies by Robertson, Robert E., Slomb... ISBN: 9780756708894 List Price: $30.00
European Community Competition Policy (2000) : XXXth Report on Competition Policy by Monit, Mario ISBN: 9780756714772 List Price: $30.00
Report of the United States Postal Service Commission on a Safe and Secure Workplace by Califano, Joseph A., Jr. ISBN: 9780756714208 List Price: $50.00
Supporting Congressional Oversight : Framework for Considering Budgetary Implications of Sel... by Curro, Michael J., Gordon, ... ISBN: 9780756713591 List Price: $50.00
Report of the Special Senate Committee on Security and Intelligence (Canada) by Kelly, William M. ISBN: 9780756719111 List Price: $25.00
Welfare to Work Housing Voucher Program : Early Implementation Assessment by Smith, Robin, Johnson, Jenn... ISBN: 9780756716448 List Price: $20.00
Capital Formation in Underserved Areas : Congressional Hearing by Baker, Richard H. ISBN: 9780756717810 List Price: $20.00
Assessing Federal Job Seekers in a Delegated : Examining Environment by Slavet, Beth S., Sapin, Bar... ISBN: 9780756721947 List Price: $20.00
Barriers to the Rehabilitation of Affordable Housing Vol. I : Findings and Analysis by Listokin, David, Listokin, ... ISBN: 9780756722791 List Price: $45.00
Federal Merit Promotion Program : Process vs. Outcome by Slavet, Beth S., Sapin, Bar... ISBN: 9780756721121 List Price: $20.00
Children's SSI Policy : Congressional Hearing by Chafee, John H. ISBN: 9780756700379 List Price: $30.00
Rental Housing Assistance - the Worsening Crisis : A Report to Congress on Worst Case Housin... by Nelson, Kathryn P., Cuomo, ... ISBN: 9780756700317 List Price: $20.00
Effects of Welfare Reform : Congressional Hearing by Johnson, Nancy L. ISBN: 9780756705541 List Price: $35.00
Impacts of Supportive Housing on Neighborhoods and Neighbors by Galster, George C., Wachter... ISBN: 9780756703905 List Price: $35.00
European Community Competition Policy (1999) : 29th Report on Competition Policy by Monti, Mario ISBN: 9780756704063 List Price: $30.00
Kids Count Data Book (2000) : State Profiles of Child Well-Being by O'Hare, William P., Ritualo... ISBN: 9780756703103 List Price: $35.00
Federal Funds for Research and Development : Fiscal Years 1998, 1999 and 2000 by Meeks, Ronald L., Jankowski... ISBN: 9780756703752 List Price: $45.00
American Housing Survey for the United States, 1997 by Sepanik, Ronald J. ISBN: 9780756708139 List Price: $60.00
Federal Programs at Risk from Abusive or Wasteful Practices by Walker, David M. ISBN: 9780756738341 List Price: $20.00
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