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Many Faces of Social Work Clients by Morales, Armando, Sheafor, ... ISBN: 9780205342532 List Price: $77.00
Research Methods for Social Work by Cournoyer, David E., Klein,... ISBN: 9780205287413 List Price: $75.80
Introduction to Social Work And Social Welfare Critical Thinking Perspectives by Kirst-Ashman, Karen K. ISBN: 9780495002444 List Price: $137.95
Practical Grant Writing and Program Evaluation by Yuen, Francis K. O., Terao,... ISBN: 9780534545086 List Price: $54.95
Faces of Social Policy A Strengths Perspective by Tice, Carolyn J., Perkins, ... ISBN: 9780534345020 List Price: $119.95
Road Not Taken A History of Radical Social Work in the United States by Reisch, Michael, Andrews, J... ISBN: 9780415933995 List Price: $32.50
Modern Social Work Theory by Payne, Malcolm ISBN: 9780925065834 List Price: $59.95
Social Work Macro Practice by Netting, F. Ellen, Kettner,... ISBN: 9780205496075 List Price: $116.60
Introduction to Social Work by Farley, O. William, Smith, ... ISBN: 9780205625765 List Price: $111.60
Human Behavior, Communities, Organizations, and Groups in the Macro Social Environment by Kirst-Ashman, Karen K. ISBN: 9780495095149 List Price: $108.95
Culturally Competent Public Child Welfare Practice by Samantrai ISBN: 9780534370558 List Price: $97.95
Understanding Legal Concepts That Influence Social Welfare Policy and Practice by Alexander, Rudolph, Jr. ISBN: 9780534596613 List Price: $97.95
New History of Social Welfare by Day, Phyllis J. ISBN: 9780205437030 List Price: $113.33
Families and Society With Infotrac Classic and Contemporary Readings by Coltrane, Scott L. ISBN: 9780534591304 List Price: $87.95
Integrative Social Work Practice by Lee, Mo Yee, Chan, Cecilia,... ISBN: 9780195301021 List Price: $39.95
Between the Lines Interpreting Welfare Rights by Melnick, R. Shep ISBN: 9780815756637 List Price: $19.95
Advanced Social Work Practice An Integrative, Multilevel Approach by Dworkin, Joan ISBN: 9780205378272 List Price: $44.00
Practice of Research in Social Work by Engel, Rafael J., Schutt, R... ISBN: 9781412968928 List Price: $123.00
Real Worlds of Welfare Capitalism by Goodin, Robert E., Headey, ... ISBN: 9780521596398 List Price: $38.99
Exploring Child Welfare A Practice Perspective by Crosson-Tower, Cynthia ISBN: 9780205381272 List Price: $78.40
Social Work Practice A Risk And Resilience Perspective by Greene, Roberta R. ISBN: 9780534622893 List Price: $109.95
Clubhouse Model Empowering Applications of Theory to Generalist Practice by Jackson, Robert L. ISBN: 9780534349400 List Price: $107.95
Evidence-Based Practice in the Field of Substance Abuse: A Book of Readings by Van Wormer, Katherine S., T... ISBN: 9781412975773 List Price: $43.95
International Social Work Issues, Strategies, And Programs by Cox, David, Pawar, Manohar ISBN: 9781412914086 List Price: $74.95
Social Work Research An Applied Approach by Salahu-Din, Sakinah N. ISBN: 9780321057228 List Price: $105.80
Sociologia Y Servicios Sociales by Woodford, Protase E., Schmi... ISBN: 9780070568174 List Price: $10.95
Social Work Research and Evaluation by Unrau, Yronne A., Krysik, J... ISBN: 9780875814414 List Price: $20.75
Government Matters Welfare Reform in Wisconsin by Mead, Lawrence M. ISBN: 9780691123806 List Price: $28.95
Innovations in Practice and Service Delivery Across the Lifespan by Biegel, David E., Blum, Arthur ISBN: 9780195111552 List Price: $39.95
Child Welfare Connecting Research, Policy and Practice by Kufeldt, Kathleen, McKenzie... ISBN: 9780889203921 List Price: $45.00
Women,the State+revolution by Goldman, Wendy Z. ISBN: 9780521374040 List Price: $69.00
Child Welfare A Multicultural Focus by Cohen, Neil A. ISBN: 9780205298907 List Price: $84.20
Social Welfare Programs Narratives From Hard Times by Albert, Raymond, Skolnik, L... ISBN: 9780534359188 List Price: $77.95
Delivering Aid : Implementing Progressive Era Welfare in the American West by Krainz, Thomas A. ISBN: 9780826330260 List Price: $35.00
Understanding Your Social Agency by Lauffer, Armand ISBN: 9781412926539 List Price: $34.95
Social Work Advocacy A New Framework for Action by Schneider, Robert, Lester, ... ISBN: 9780830415243 List Price: $133.95
Designing and Managing Programs by Kettner, Peter M., Moroney,... ISBN: 9781412951944 List Price: $99.95
Social Welfare A History of the American Response to Need by Axinn, June, Stern, Mark J. ISBN: 9780205522156 List Price: $89.40
Case Studies In Child, Adolescent, And Family Treatment by LeCroy, Craig Winston, Dale... ISBN: 9780534524555 List Price: $80.95
Applied Social Research A Tool for the Human Services by Monette, Duane R., Sullivan... ISBN: 9780495392460 List Price: $137.95
Working With People The Helping Process-with Myhelpinglab by Brill, Naomi, Levine, Joanne ISBN: 9780205483754 List Price: $98.40
Collaboration in Social Work Practice by Weinstein, Jenny, Whittingt... ISBN: 9781843100928 List Price: $42.95
Building Basic Competencies in Social Work Research An Experimental Approach by York, Reginald O. ISBN: 9780205193578 List Price: $66.00
Social Work Macro Practice Workbook by Fauri, David P., Netting, F... ISBN: 9780534513030 List Price: $78.95
Foster Care by Johnson, Jerry L., Grant, G... ISBN: 9780205389506 List Price: $22.20
Practice Evaluation for the 21st Century by Hudson, Walter W., Nugent, ... ISBN: 9780534348670 List Price: $164.95
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