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Rural Social Work Building and Sustaining Community Assests by Scales, T. Laine, Streeter,... ISBN: 9780534621636 List Price: $101.95
Land Development by Kone, Daisy L. ISBN: 9780867186093 List Price: $55.00
Non-Western Theories of Development Regional Norms Versus Global Trends by Wiarda, Howard J. ISBN: 9780155053663 List Price: $79.95
Regional Innovation Systems The Role of Governances in a Globalized World by Cooke, Philip, Heidenreich,... ISBN: 9780415303699 List Price: $60.50
Regional Policy in a Changing World by Hansen, N., Higgins, B., Sa... ISBN: 9780306433009 List Price: $122.00
On the Use of Input-Output Models for Regional Planning by Schaffer, W. A. ISBN: 9789020706260 List Price: $104.50
Revolutions in Development Inquiry by Chambers, Robert ISBN: 9781844076253
Transportation Service to Small Rural Communities: Effects of Deregulation by Due, John F., Allen, Benjam... ISBN: 9780813803159 List Price: $31.95
Local and Regional Development by Pike, Andy, Rodriguez-Pose,... ISBN: 9780415357180 List Price: $44.95
Key Concepts in Planning (Key Concepts in Human Geography) by Parker, Gavin, Doak, Joe ISBN: 9781847870773 List Price: $37.95
Rethinking Rural : Global Community and Economic Development in the Small Town West by Albrecht, Don E. ISBN: 9780874223194 List Price: $28.95
Participatory Rural Appraisal: Principles, Methods and Application by Narayanasamy, N. ISBN: 9788178298856 List Price: $29.99
Situations and Strategies in American Land-Use Planning by Rudel, Thomas K. ISBN: 9780521108874 List Price: $31.99
Beyond the Global City : Understanding and Planning for the Diversity of Ontario by Nelson, Gordon ISBN: 9780773539860 List Price: $34.95
Canada and the Changing Arctic : Sovereignty, Security, and Stewardship by Griffiths, Franklyn, Hueber... ISBN: 9781554583386
Rural Development Strategies by Sears, David W., Reid, J. N... ISBN: 9780830413393 List Price: $58.95
Constructing the Countryside by Marsden, Terry, Flynn, Andr... ISBN: 9781857280401 List Price: $39.95
Rural Development Principles and Practice by Moseley, Malcolm ISBN: 9780761947677 List Price: $42.95
Building Competences for Spatial Planners by Perdicoulis, Anastasssios ISBN: 9780415594561
Systemtheorie und Systemtechnik in der Raumplanung : Ans�tze und Erfahrungen by Brunn, Ekkehard, Fehl, Gerh... ISBN: 9783764308414
Territorial Development, Cohesion and Spatial Planning: Building on EU Enlargement (Regions ... by Adams, Neil, Cotella, Gianc... ISBN: 9780415551946 List Price: $130.00
London's Green Belt: Containment in Practice by Munton, Richard ISBN: 9780043330203 List Price: $29.95
Regional Dynamics: Studies in Adjustment Theory by Clark, Gordon L., Gertler, ... ISBN: 9780043303542 List Price: $29.95
Targeting Regional Economic Development by Goetz, Stephan J., Deller, ... ISBN: 9780415775915 List Price: $135.00
Ecology of Expansion and Abandonment by Lageras, Per ISBN: 9789172094413
Urban And Regional Planning Reader by Birch, Eugenie L., Birch, E... ISBN: 9780415319973 List Price: $170.00
Invisible Resource Women and Work in Rural Bangladesh by Wallace, Ben J., Ahsan, Ekr... ISBN: 9780813372792 List Price: $39.00
Regional Development and Settlement Policy - David Dewar - Hardcover by Dewar, D., Todes, A., Watso... ISBN: 9780043330234 List Price: $49.95
Globalization & City Ports The Response Of City Ports In The Southern Hemisphere by Carmona, Marisa ISBN: 9789040724701 List Price: $25.00
Globalization & City Ports The Response Of City Ports In The Northern Hemisphere by Carmona, Marisa ISBN: 9789040724695 List Price: $28.00
Spatial Planning Systems in Western Europe An Overview by Larsson, Gerhard ISBN: 9781586036560 List Price: $81.00
Multi-Criteria Analysis and Regional Decision-Making by Van Delft, A., Nijkamp, Peter ISBN: 9789020706895 List Price: $125.00
Poverty, Female Headed Households, and Sustainable Economic Development by Vecchio, Nerina C., Roy, Ka... ISBN: 9780313301919
Regional Economic Development Essays in Honour of Francois Perroux by Higgins, B., Savoie, Donald J. ISBN: 9780043381557 List Price: $29.95
Regional Development Strategies A European Perspective by Alden, Jeremy, Boland, Phil... ISBN: 9780117023666 List Price: $56.00
Management and Regional Science for Economic Development by Chatterji, Manas ISBN: 9780898381085 List Price: $166.00
Global Development by Savitt, William ISBN: 9780874367744 List Price: $39.50
Economies of Scale, Transport Costs, and Location by Norman, George ISBN: 9780898380170 List Price: $123.00
Planning in Rural Environments by Lassey, William R. ISBN: 9780070365803 List Price: $43.95
Economic-Environmental-Energy Interactions Modeling and Policy Analysis by Lakshmanan, T. R., Nijkamp,... ISBN: 9780898380231 List Price: $154.00
Rural Economic Development, 1975-1993 An Annotated Bibliography by Leistritz, F. Larry, Hamm, ... ISBN: 9780313291593 List Price: $91.95
Rural Planning by Cloke, Kenneth ISBN: 9780063183513 List Price: $33.95
Geographical Information Systems for Urban and Regional Planning by Scholten, Henk J., Stillwel... ISBN: 9780792307938 List Price: $279.00
Getting It Right Regional Development in Canada by McGee, R. Harley ISBN: 9780773509214 List Price: $95.00
New Governance for Rural America Creating Intergovernmental Partnerships by Radin, Beryl A., Agranoff, ... ISBN: 9780700607709 List Price: $29.95
White Settlers The Impact of Rural Repopulation in Scotland by Jedrej, Charles, Nuttall, Mark ISBN: 9783718657537 List Price: $42.95
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