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Environmental Natural Resources Economic by Tietenberg, Tom, Lewis, Lynne ISBN: 9780131392571 List Price: $197.60
Contemporary Human Behavior Theory : A Critical Perspective for Social Work by Robbins, Susan P., Chatterj... ISBN: 9780205033126 List Price: $164.60
Child Welfare and Family Services by Downs, Susan Whitelaw, Moor... ISBN: 9780205571901 List Price: $123.20
U.s. Public Policy in an International Context by Smith, Zachery A., Krause, ... ISBN: 9780131849969 List Price: $46.67
Popple : MySe Pear ETex Stan Ac SSP_6 by Popple, Philip R., Leighnin... ISBN: 9780205920754 List Price: $56.67
Introduction to Social Work by Martin, Michelle E. ISBN: 9780205681822 List Price: $104.80
Modern American Metropolis : A Documentary Reader by Freund, David ISBN: 9781444339017 List Price: $99.95
Highway Environment Landscape Design by Qian, Song S. ISBN: 9781118332979 List Price: $160.00
Social Housing in Europe by Scanlon, Kathleen, Whitehea... ISBN: 9781118412343
Helping Process : Assessment to Termination by McClam, Tricia, Woodside, M... ISBN: 9781111298432 List Price: $119.95
Staking Out the Terrain Power and Performance Among Natural Resource Agencies by Clarke, Jeanne N., McCool, ... ISBN: 9780791429464 List Price: $31.95
Economics of the Environment by Berck, Peter, Helfand, Gloria ISBN: 9780321321664 List Price: $199.60
Public Finance and Public Policy by Gruber, Jonathan ISBN: 9781429219495 List Price: $163.11
The Social Work Skills Workbook by Cournoyer, Barry R. ISBN: 9780840032805 List Price: $107.95
American Education by Spring, Joel H. ISBN: 9780072930993 List Price: $66.75
Human Services in Contemporary America by Burger, William R. ISBN: 9780840032072 List Price: $121.95
Environmental Politics: Domestic and Global Dimensions by Vaughn, Jacqueline ISBN: 9780495898979 List Price: $97.95
Social Work Research Methods: From Conceptualization to Dissemination by Drake, Brett, Jonson-Reid, ... ISBN: 9780205460977 List Price: $104.80
Urban Transportation Planning A Decision-Oriented Approach by Meyer, Michael, Miller, Eri... ISBN: 9780072423327 List Price: $223.30
Social Work and Social Welfare An Introduction by Ambrosino, Robert, Hefferna... ISBN: 9780495095125 List Price: $144.95
Exploring Human Behavior and the Social Environment by Furr, L. Allen ISBN: 9780131487277 List Price: $99.20
You Decide! Current Debates in American Politics (7th Edition) by Rourke, John T. ISBN: 9780205745470 List Price: $41.20
Issues for Debate in Social Policy: Selections From CQ Researcher by Researcher, C. Q. ISBN: 9781412979412 List Price: $37.95
State and Nature Voices Heard, Voices Unheard in America's Environmental Dialogue by Cortner, Hanna J., Clarke, ... ISBN: 9780130289087 List Price: $88.60
Affecting Change: Social Workers in the Political Arena (7th Edition) by Haynes, Karen S., Mickelson... ISBN: 9780205763689 List Price: $85.40
One Size Fits Few The Folly of Educational Standards by Ohanian, Susan ISBN: 9780325001586 List Price: $25.00
You Decide! Current Debates in American Politics, 2009 Edition by Rourke, John T. ISBN: 9780205684052 List Price: $38.80
Generalist Model of Human Services Practice With Infotrac by Hull, Grafton H., Kirst-Ash... ISBN: 9780534512736 List Price: $136.95
Explorations in Planning Theory by Mandelbaum, Seymour J., Maz... ISBN: 9780882851549 List Price: $21.95
Issues for Debate in American Public Policy: Selections from CQ Researcher by CQ Researcher Staff ISBN: 9781604265132 List Price: $35.95
Conducting Social Work Research An Experiential Approach by York, Reginald O. ISBN: 9780205268917 List Price: $87.60
Taking Sides: Clashing Views on Global Issues, Expanded by Harf, James, Lombardi, Mark ISBN: 9780077381929
Proposal Writing Effective Grantsmanship by Coley, Soraya M., Scheinber... ISBN: 9781412937757 List Price: $48.95
Environmental Policy And Politics by Kraft, Michael E. ISBN: 9780321243539 List Price: $56.00
You Decide! 2011 : Current Debates in American Politics by Rourke, John T. ISBN: 9780205114894
Canadian Environmental Policy Context and Cases by Boardman, Robert, Van Nijna... ISBN: 9780195415902 List Price: $40.00
Issues for Debate in American Public Policy by CQ Researcher Staff ISBN: 9780872896093 List Price: $34.95
Social Work And Social Welfare With Infotrac An Introduction by Ambrosino, Rosalie, Heffern... ISBN: 9780534621773 List Price: $100.95
Women in Iraq by Al-Jawaheri, Yasmin Husein ISBN: 9781588265746 List Price: $23.50
Preserving the Global Environment The Challenge of Shared Leadership by Mathews, Jessica Tuchman ISBN: 9780393960938 List Price: $15.29
Social Work:profession of Many Faces by Morales, Armando T., Sheafo... ISBN: 9780205272242 List Price: $54.75
Future of Europe Integration and Enlargement by Cameron, Fraser ISBN: 9780415324847 List Price: $41.95
Issues in American Political Life Money, Violence, and Biology by Thobaben, Robert G., Schlag... ISBN: 9780130336729 List Price: $43.00
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