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Whether you need a copy of Party Polarization in Progress or you're looking for Parties Respond: Changes in American Parties and Campaigns, we've got the right textbooks to help your understanding of this subject. Our range of hundreds of titles covers all the most popular tomes in this subject area, along with the inclusion of some of the lesser known and harder to find text books. We buy back political parties books on a regular basis, enabling us to offer discounted books that are pre-owned. With affordable deals every day, you can buy cheap political parties textbooks to help you get the most out of your studies. With authors including Marjorie R Hershey and Sean M Theriault on offer, you can learn more than before thanks to Valore Books. Try our website now and look for chances to rent cheap political parties textbooks as well, to give you even more affordable opportunities.

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Politics of Ideas Intellectual Challenges Facing the American Political Parties by White, John Kenneth, Green,... ISBN: 9780791450444 List Price: $24.95
Democracy for the Few by Parenti, Michael J. ISBN: 9780312392505 List Price: $62.95
Who Were the Progressives? Readings by Gilmore, Glenda Elizabeth ISBN: 9780312189303 List Price: $18.50
Party Ideologies in America, 1828-1996 by Gerring, John ISBN: 9780521785907 List Price: $38.99
Party Politics in America (Longman Classics in Political Science) (14th Edition) by Hershey, Marjorie R. ISBN: 9780205793198 List Price: $73.60
West European Party System by Mair, Peter ISBN: 9780198275831 List Price: $50.00
When Political Parties Prosper The Uses of Electoral Success by Lawson, Kay, Merkl, Peter H. ISBN: 9781588265104 List Price: $27.50
Dynamics of American Political Parties by Brewer, Mark D., Stonecash,... ISBN: 9780521882309 List Price: $75.00
Origins of the Republican Party, 1852-1856 by Gienapp, William E. ISBN: 9780195055016 List Price: $70.00
America in the Progressive Era, 1890 - 1914 by Gould, Lewis L. ISBN: 9780582356719 List Price: $26.00
Dynamics of American Political Parties by Brewer, Mark D., Stonecash,... ISBN: 9780521708876 List Price: $25.99
Political Parties and the State The American Historical Experience by Shefter, Martin ISBN: 9780691000442 List Price: $42.00
New Party Politics From Jefferson and Hamilton to the Information Age by White, John Kenneth, Shea, ... ISBN: 9780534560232 List Price: $91.95
Rebuilding Leviathan Party Competition and State Exploitation in Post-communist Democracies by Grzymala-Busse, Anna, Lange... ISBN: 9780521696159 List Price: $25.99
Parties Respond : Changes in American Parties and Campaigns by Brewer, Mark D., Maisel, L.... ISBN: 9780813346007 List Price: $39.00
Party Wars Polarization And the Politics of National Policy Making by Sinclair, Barbara ISBN: 9780806137797 List Price: $24.95
Faith in Moderation: Islamist Parties in Jordan and Yemen by Schwedler, Jillian ISBN: 9780521040006 List Price: $32.99
Japan's Postwar Party Politics by Kohno, Masaru ISBN: 9780691015965 List Price: $33.95
Political Party Matrix The Persistence of Organization by Monroe, J. P. ISBN: 9780791449189 List Price: $24.95
Parties and Democracy Coalition Formation and Government Functioning in Twenty States by Budge, Ian, Keman, Hans ISBN: 9780198279259 List Price: $50.00
Republican South Democratization and Partisan Change by Lublin, David ISBN: 9780691130477 List Price: $26.95
Birth of the Grand Old Party The Republicans' First Generation by Engs, Robert Francis, Mille... ISBN: 9780812218206 List Price: $24.95
Politics, Parties, and Elections in America by Bibby, John F., Schaffner, ... ISBN: 9780534601324 List Price: $91.95
Inside the Brotherhood by Unknown ISBN: 9780745682914
Political Parties and Party Systems by Ware, Alan ISBN: 9780198780779 List Price: $45.00
Party System Change Approaches And Interpretations by Mair, Peter ISBN: 9780198295495 List Price: $60.00
Encyclopedia of American Political Parties and Elections by Sabato, Larry J., Ernst, Ho... ISBN: 9780816058754 List Price: $95.00
A History of the U.S. Political System [3 volumes]: Ideas, Interests, and Institutions by Harris, Richard A., Ticheno... ISBN: 9781851097135 List Price: $295.00
Labour in Power, 1945-1951 by Morgan, Kenneth O. ISBN: 9780192851505 List Price: $40.00
Politics at the Periphery Third Parties in Two-Party America by Gillespie, J. David ISBN: 9780872498433 List Price: $19.95
Democracy and Elections by Katz, Richard S. ISBN: 9780195044294 List Price: $125.00
Party's Just Begun Shaping Political Parties for America's Future by Sabato, Larry J., Larson, B... ISBN: 9780321089120 List Price: $60.60
END OF REALIGNMENT? (P) by Shafer, Byron E. ISBN: 9780299129743 List Price: $13.95
Representative Government in Modern Europe by Gallagher, Michael, Laver, ... ISBN: 9780072322675 List Price: $57.50
Party Polarization in Congress by Theriault, Sean M. ISBN: 9780521888936 List Price: $80.00
Labour's Grassroots The Politics of Party Membership by Seyd, Patrick, Whiteley, Paul ISBN: 9780198273585 List Price: $45.00
American Women in the Progressive Era, 1900-1920 - Dorothy J. Schneider - Hardcover by Schneider, Carl J., Schneid... ISBN: 9780816025138 List Price: $32.95
Uneasy Alliances Race and Party Competition in America by Frymer, Paul ISBN: 9780691004648 List Price: $30.95
Political Parties, Representation, and Electoral Democracy in Canada by Cross, William P., Cross, W... ISBN: 9780195415926 List Price: $30.00
Party Politics in America by Beck, Paul Allen, Hershey, ... ISBN: 9780321095435 List Price: $57.00
American Political Parties Decline or Resurgence? by Cohen, Jeffrey E., Fleisher... ISBN: 9781568025858 List Price: $51.95
Changing Societies, Changing Party Systems by Stoll, Heather ISBN: 9781107675742 List Price: $32.99
Political Parties and Democracy: Europe (Political Parties in Context) by Lawson, Kay ISBN: 9780313383168 List Price: $44.95
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