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With dozens of text books available on this aspect of political science, it is simple work to buy cheap intelligence textbooks here now. Political freedom and security is a vast area to delve into, and it helps to have the support of some excellent textbooks. We can supply those very books at affordable prices and in pre-owned condition as well. Look for The US Intelligence Community; Challenges in Intelligence Analysis: Lessons from 1300 BCE to the Present; Exploring Intelligence Archives: Enquiries into the Secret State; and Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press. With many other discounted titles available as well, you will see why our website is so popular among students of this topic (not to mention many others). Sample the works of some of the finest writers in this subject area, and get the cheapest prices on this and many other books for college. Try us for size today.

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Intelligence for an Age of Terror by Treverton, Gregory F. ISBN: 9780521518451 List Price: $32.00
Exploring Intelligence Archives Enquires Into The Secret State by Hughes, R. Gerald, Hughes, ... ISBN: 9780415349727 List Price: $45.95
Constructing Cassandra : Reframing Intelligence Failure at the CIA, 1947�2001 by Jones, Milo, Silberzahn, Ph... ISBN: 9780804793360
Understanding Intelligence in the Twenty-first Century Journeys in Shadows by Scott, L. V., Jackson, P. J. ISBN: 9780714684222 List Price: $41.95
Congress Oversees the United States Intelligence Community 1947-1994 by Smist, Frank J., Jr. ISBN: 9780870498411 List Price: $24.95
Central Intelligence Agency Security Under Scrutiny by Theoharis, Athan ISBN: 9780313332821 List Price: $75.00
Intelligence From Secrets to Policy by Lowenthal, Mark M. ISBN: 9781568027593 List Price: $40.95
Sharing Secrets With Lawmakers Congress As a User of Intelligence by Snider, L. Britt ISBN: 9780788183331 List Price: $20.00
Encyclopedia of the Central Intelligence Agency by Smith, W. Thomas, Jr. ISBN: 9780816046669 List Price: $65.00
Historical Dictionary of United States Intelligence by Turner, Michael A. ISBN: 9780810878891 List Price: $95.00
Intelligence and International Security: New Perspectives and Agendas by Scott, Len, Hughes, R. Gera... ISBN: 9780415583879 List Price: $125.00
Forgotten Spy by Barratt, Nicky ISBN: 9781910536681
Studies in Intelligence : Intelligence Today and Tomorrow by Johnson, Paul M., Pace, Bar... ISBN: 9780756734886 List Price: $30.00
Studies in Intelligence Vol. 47, No. 3 : 2003 by Johnson, Paul M. ISBN: 9780756738730 List Price: $25.00
CIA Review by Gleim, Irvin N. ISBN: 9780917537677
CIA Examination Review by Gleim, Irvin N. ISBN: 9780917537530 List Price: $25.95
CIA Examination Review by Gleim, Irvin N. ISBN: 9780917537547 List Price: $25.95
CIA Examination Review by Gleim, Irvin N. ISBN: 9780917537554
Silent Blood Suckers of the Tangled Webs by Hatonn, Gyeorgos C., Anton,... ISBN: 9780922356690 List Price: $10.00
Forces of the Enemy Within and Demise of Freedom by Executive Order by Hatonn, Gyeorgos C., Anton,... ISBN: 9780922356683 List Price: $10.00
CIA's Secret Operations : Espionage, Counterespionage, and Covert Action by Rositzke, Harry ISBN: 9780813376042 List Price: $59.50
Evidence and Inference for the Intelligence Analyst by Schum, David A. ISBN: 9780819166487 List Price: $39.75
CIA and Vietnam Policymakers : Three Episodes, 1962-1968 by Ford, Harold P., Haines, Ge... ISBN: 9780788183317 List Price: $30.00
Analytic Culture in the US Intelligence Community : An Ethnographic Study by Johnson, Rob, Treverton, Gr... ISBN: 9781422300091 List Price: $40.00
Spycraft Secrets : An Espionage A-Z by West, Nigel, Petraeus, David ISBN: 9780750983754
Clear Thinking : The Challenge of Open Source Intelligence by Costigan, Sean S., Pallaris... ISBN: 9781409428008
Strategic Intelligence and National Decisions by Hilsman, Roger ISBN: 9780598933089 List Price: $58.00
Encyclopedia of U. S. Intelligence by Moore, Greg ISBN: 9781420089578
Checklist for the Future of Intelligence by Hedley, John H., Baker, How... ISBN: 9780934742795 List Price: $3.50
The Central Intelligence Agency: A Documentary History by Monje, Scott C. ISBN: 9780313350283
SOE by Foot, M. R. ISBN: 9780313270147
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