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Across Empires : Taking U.S. History into Transimperial Terrain by Hoganson, Kristin L., Sexto... ISBN: 9781478006947
South Korea at the Crossroads : Autonomy and Alliance in an Era of Rival Powers by Snyder, Scott A. ISBN: 9780231185493 List Price: $25.00
Oxford Handbook of United Nations Treaties by Chesterman, Simon, Malone, ... ISBN: 9780190947842 List Price: $150.00
Revolution in International Relations by Penrose, E. F. ISBN: 9780367206239
Learning in U. S. and Soviet Foreign Policy by Breslauer, George ISBN: 9780367016425
Theorizing Indian Foreign Policy by Hansel, Mischa, Khan, Rapha... ISBN: 9780367264819
Soviet Foreign Policy Documents, 1980 by Singh, Darshan ISBN: 9780865901759 List Price: $17.95
Revival : The New Transatlantic Agenda (2001) by Gardner, Hall, Stefanova, R... ISBN: 9781138736061
Toward a Theory of Peace : The Role of Moral Beliefs by Forsberg, Randall, Evangeli... ISBN: 9781501744358
Abgrenzung und Aneignung in der Globalisierung - Asien, Afrika und Europa Seit Dem 18. Jahrh... by F�rtig, Henner, Zentrum Mod... ISBN: 9783860933121 List Price: $7.99
Cosmopolitan Civility by ABBEY, Ruth ISBN: 9781438477367
Cosmopolitan Civility by ABBEY, Ruth ISBN: 9781438477374
Real Housewives of Diplomacy : A Psychological Study by Nasr, Nicole ISBN: 9781680531527
Global Politics by Boyer, Mark A., Butler, Mic... ISBN: 9780190655600
Bringing the Nation Back In by LUCCARELLI ISBN: 9781438477725
Bringing the Nation Back In by LUCCARELLI ISBN: 9781438477732
Anzen Hosho No Kokusai Seijigaku : Aseri to Ogori by Tsuchiyama, Jitsuo ISBN: 9784641149038
Geopolitica : Orientarsi Nel Grande Disordine Internazionale by Graziano, Manlio ISBN: 9788815283726
Haek Omnun Hanbando P'yonghwa Wa T'ongil by Yu, Ho-Yol ISBN: 9788992799133
O Esgotamento de Recursos Internos No Direito Internacional by Trindade, Ant�nio Augusto C... ISBN: 9788523001513
Incubator : Building Women's Agency for Peace and Security by T, Sunbelt R. &, Isis-WICCE... ISBN: 9789970290468
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